It is everyone's responsibility to dispose of their rubbish correctly and help protect their local environment.

By using our schemes, you can recycle up to half of all the rubbish you produce. Recycling is important but, where possible, you should also try to reduce and reuse your waste.

Advice on handling waste when self-isolating or displaying Covid-19 symptoms

  • Put your household waste in a plastic rubbish bag and tie securely
  • Put that bag in another rubbish bag and tie securely
  • Pop it in your bin ready for collection

No waste should be put in any bin less than 3 days before the bin is due to be collected.

For example, if you have a rubbish bag that needs to go in your bin less than 3 days before collection, please store it in a suitable and secure place until the bin has been collected. Then place the bag in your bin ready for the next collection.

It is only the waste that is heavily contaminated, such as tissues that have been coughed in and cleaning cloths that may also be heavily contaminated that are required to be double bagged and quarantined for 72 hours, regular household waste and recycling should be treated as normal.​​

If you're not self-isolating - handle waste as normal. Thanks for your co-operation.​​

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