Important Covid-19 notice - for information about how the Council is helping in relation to your Council Tax please visit the Council Tax hardship fund page.

Paying your Council Tax
Ways you can pay your Council Tax.
Council Tax rates
Information on Council Tax rates and Council Tax bands.
Council Tax discounts and reductions
Information on Council Tax reductions and exemptions.
Change of address
Let us know a change of address.
Council Tax change in circumstances
Let us know a change in your circumstances.
How Council Tax is spent
Information on how Council Tax will be spent in 2020/21.
Difficulties paying your Council Tax
Contact us if you're having difficulties making payments.
Your Council Tax bill explained
Help understanding your Council Tax bill and what it all means.
View your Council Tax account online
Sign up for an online account to securely view your Council Tax.
Who is responsible for paying Council Tax on a property?
Find out who is responsible for paying Council Tax.
Receive your Council Tax bill by email
Sign up and receive your Council Tax bills straight to your inbox.
Contact Centre appointment
Make an appointment to see a Council advisor at the Contact Centre.