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Barton Neighbourhood Plan (current application)

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Representations Received at Regulation 16 Consultation Stage

A summary of the representations received in response to the Regulation 16 public consultation of the November 2022 Draft Barton Neighbourhood Plan can be found below:

Regulation 17 - Examination

Following the conclusion of the Regulation 16 consultation on Wednesday 1 March 2023 at 5pm, the Barton Neighbourhood Development Plan has been submitted for independent examination.

Peter Dickson Biggers BSc (Hons) MRTPI AIHBC of Argyle Planning Consultancy Ltd has been appointed as the independent examiner.

The Council has sent the plan, supporting information and representations to the examiner. The examination considers whether the plan meets the basic conditions and other requirements set out in law, in particular whether it:

  • has regard to national policy
  • contributes to the achievement of sustainable development
  • is in general conformity with the adopted strategic policies for the local area
  • is compatible with EU obligations
  • meets human rights requirements

Subject to the Plan being accepted as satisfactory and all of the relevant criteria complied with, we can hopefully expect a referendum later in the year.

Examiner's Report

The Examiners report was received by the Council in June 2023.

The Council is considering the recommendations made by the Examiner at the Cabinet meeting to be held on Friday 22 September 2023. The Examiners Report and modified version of the Barton Neighbourhood Plan accounting for the Examiners Recommendations (which would be the version considered at Referendum if approved by Cabinet) will be considered at this meeting, copies of which can be found below.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The November 2022 Draft Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents submitted for examination include:

Copies of these documents can be viewed online by downloading the PDF copies or by visiting the Barton Parish Council Website.

What happens next?

Following this, the examiner will issue a report and will recommend if the plan can proceed to referendum, under Regulation 18.

Further updates will be put on this website as the plan progresses through examination.

Background information

The Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group on behalf of Barton Parish Council, as the relevant qualifying body, (under Section 38A(12) of the Planning and Compensation Act 2004) for the 'Barton Neighbourhood Area' covering the Parish of Barton and designated by Preston City Council on 8 September 2017.

The June 2022 draft of the Barton Neighbourhood Plan was received by Preston City Council (lead authority) and Wyre Borough Council (by the Qualifying body, Barton Parish Council) on 25th June 2022. Barton Parish Council formally requested comments from by the City Council and Wyre Borough Council for the submitted draft on 14 September 2022.

A revised version of the draft Barton Village Neighbourhood Plan was submitted (by the Qualifying body) on 22 November 2022, superseding the June 2022 draft neighbourhood plan.

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