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Local Heritage list for the rural areas of Preston

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Any building, structure or area of some historical and architectural interest may be considered for inclusion on the Local List particularly if it can be shown that the asset contributes to the character of an area and is valued by local people.

The list below identifies Preston's local heritage list for rural areas. Historic England have created advice notes on the Local Heritage listing advice notes (PDF) [572KB] .  

For information on how to be considered for the Local List and selection criteria please visit the local list selection criteria page.    


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 01Fernyhalgh war memorial stone crossFernyhalgh Lane
LLA 02Keyfold Farm430 Garstang Road, PR3 5JB
LLA 03Pinfold Cottage466 Garstang Road, PR3 5JB
LLA 041 and 2 Toll Bar Cottages476-478 Garstang Road, PR3 5JB
LLA 05Toll bar postEntrance to Park House and 470 Garstang Road
LLA 06The Cottage - Queen Anne Cottages adjoined483 Garstang Road, PR3 5JA
LLA 07Broughton Police Station495 Garstang Road, PR3 5JA
LLA 08Rose Cottage501 Garstang Road, PR3 5JA
LLA 09Arkwrights Cottages509-513 Garstang Road, PR3 5JA
LLA 10Broughton Inn, former Shuttleworth Arms Inn502 Garstang Road (North east corner of Garstang Road and Whittingham Lane), PR3 5JA
LLA 11Barton Mill515 Garstang Road, PR3 5JA
LLA 12Touch of Spice, former Golden Ball Coaching Inn521 Garstang Road (South west corner of Garstang Road and Woodplumpton Lane), PR3 5JA
LLA 13Marriott hotel formerly Broughton Park418 Garstang Road, PR3 5JB
LLA 14King George V Playing fields and gate postsBetween 466-468 Garstang Road
LLA 15Blundell BridgeGarstang Road, south of the crossroads
LLA 16Cardwell BridgeGarstang Road, north of the crossroads
LLA 17Laburnum House, 18th century cottage5 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DA
LLA 18Wards Cottages12-18 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DR
LLA 19Broughton Farm20 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DA
LLA 20Broughton & District Club26 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DA
LLA 21Daniels Cross stone & baseAt entrance of Broughton Old Hall Farm, 54 Whittingham Lane
LLA 22Broughton Old Hall, Old Hall Farm & Gate posts54 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DB
LLA 23Whiteacres, Yates Farm88 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DB
LLA 24Yates Farmstead90 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DB
LLA 25The Cottage, Yates Farmstead94 Whittingham Lane, PR3 5DB
LLA 26Dobsons FarmEntrance to Guild Wheel on Sandygate Lane, PR3 5LD
LLA 27Church Hill Cottage and Farm BuildingsD' Urton Lane, just north of Motorway roundabout, PR3 5LD
LLA 28White Cottage and ancillary buildingsD'Urton Lane, PR3 5LD
LLA 29Brooklands CottageD'Urton Lane, PR3 5LD
LLA 30Springfield CottageD'Urton Lane, PR3 5LD
LLA 31The GrangeD'Urton Lane, PR3 5LD
LLA 32Edmundsons FarmD'Urton Lane, on corner with Midgery Lane, PR2 5SS
LLA 33Helms Farm571 Garstang Road, PR3 5DL
LLA 34Gates, gate posts and railingsWhittingham Lane, adjacent to Italian Orchard, PR3 5DB


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 35The Boars Head Public House724 Garstang Road, PR3 5DR, south of Bridge House Farm & Preston Grindings
LLA 36The Old School HouseGarstang Road, PR3 5AS
LLA 37Blacow House Farm, including barn and ancillary buildings to westJepps Lane, PR3 5AQ


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 38Swillbrook BridgeGarstang Road
LLA 39Swillbrook HouseRosemary Lane, PR4 OHB
LLA 40Swillbrook CottageRosemary Lane, PR4 OHB
LLA 41Red Lion CottageCatforth Road, Catforth PR4 OHE
LLA 42Stone Chimney BridgeRosemary Lane
LLA 43Roots BridgeBlackleach Lane, Catforth
LLA 44Woodplumpton BridgeRoots Lane, Catforth
LLA 45Wheatsheaf Public House34 Woodplumpton Road, PR4 ONE
LLA 46Woodplumpton War MemorialWoodplumpton Road
LLA 47Commemorative Tree and plaqueWoodplumpton Road
LLA 48Bartle HallLea Lane, PR4 OHA
LLA 49Newsham Hall and farm buildingsNewsham Hall Lane, PR4 OAS
LLA 50Threlfall BarnNewsham Hall Lane, PR4 OAS
LLA 51The MortuaryNewsham Hall Lane
LLA 52The Running Pump Public HouseCatforth Road, Catforth, PR4 OHH
LLA 53Catforth Memorial HallCatforth Road, Catforth
LLA 56Catforth Hall (farmhouse)School Lane, PR4 OHL
LLA 57Sitting Goose Public HouseLea Lane, PR4 ORT
LLA 58Saddle Inn Public HouseSidgreaves Lane, PR4 ORS


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 59Grimsargh Village GreenPreston Road, PR2 5JS
LLA 60Nellie Carbis Millenium WoodPreston Road
LLA 61The Plough Public House187, Preston Road, PR2 5


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 62Cross Keys Public HouseChurch Lane, Inglewhite, Preston, PR3 2EP
LLA 63The Green Man public houseSilk Mill Lane, PR3 2LP
LLA 64Toll Bar StoneButton Street, PR3 2LE

Lea and Cottam

Asset NumberBrief description Address
LLA 65The Smiths Arms Public HouseLea Lane, PR4 ORP


Asset NumberBrief descriptionAddress
LLA 66Alston Arms67 Inglewhite Road, PR3 2NA
LLA 67Daniel Platt FarmWhittingham Road, PR3 2AB
LLA 68The AvenueWhittingham Road
LLA 69Telephone BoxHalfpenny Lane
LLA 70Stone Farmhouse and ancillary buildings78 Halfpenny Lane, PR3 2EA
LLA 71House97 Halfpenny Lane, PR3 2EA
LLA 72House101 Halfpenny Lane, PR3 2EA
LLA 73Terraced housing107-125 Halfpenny Lane, PR3 2EA
LLA 74Gleadale House and associated cottages and farm buildingsCumeragh Lane, PR3 2AJ
LLA 75North Lodge, Guild ParkCumeragh Lane, PR3 2JE
LLA 76Makinson Row, Terraced houses56, 58, 64 and 66 Church Lane, PR3 2BH
LLA 77Stone cottage, former post office24 Church Lane, PR3 2BE
LLA 78Holly Cottage, period house next to former post office26 Church Lane, PR3 2BE
LLA 79Goosnargh Village Football ClubChurch Lane
LLA 80Large Stone villas68, 70 and 72 Church Lane, PR3 2BH
LLA 81Detached Rendered Farm House36 Church Lane, PR3 2BH
LLA 82Rose Cottage Farm, farmhouse and ancillary buildingsGoosnargh Lane, PR3 2BN
LLA 83Beech HouseGoosnargh Lane, PR3 2BN
LLA 84Stone CottageGoosnargh Lane, PR3 2BN
LLA 85School HouseGoosnargh Lane, PR3 2JU
LLA 86Hill House FarmGoosnargh Lane
LLA 87Stags Head, public house999 Whittingham Lane, PR3 2AU
LLA 88Goosnargh Methodist Church (Wesley Chapel)Whittingham Lane
LLA 89House826 Whittingham Lane (Goosnargh Cottage) PR3 2AY

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