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Stray dogs


It is an offence to let a dog stray, or roam in public places unaccompanied.

We regularly patrol the city and if we see a stray dog we will stop to collect it.

What is a stray dog?

A stray dog is one that is on its own in a public place.

What if I find a stray dog?

By law, you must do one of the following:

  • Return the dog to its owner
  • Report the dog to us to handle

How to report a stray dog

To report a stray dog complete the following online form:

Report a stray dog  

Alternatively, contact the Dog Control Team on 01772 906907.

Reporting outside office hours

For outside of office hours please call 01772 794729.

What happens next?

Once collected, the stray dog is taken to our kennels. We then check the dog's collar and scan for a microchip to try and trace the owners details. If these are found, we will try to contact the owner to collect their dog.

We also give dogs a quick health check and treat any minor injuries. Dogs with serious health concerns will be seen by a vet.

What if the owner cannot be contacted?

Dogs that are not claimed by their owners are re-homed after 7 clear days of being impounded.
We have a non-euthanasia policy and only dogs that have serious health or behavioural problems are put to sleep.

How to claim a stray dog

Once a dog has been collected as a stray, you need to pay the release fee to the kennels before your dog is returned.

how much is it?

The release fee is £123 and includes:

  • £98 for our cost recovery (contractor and kennel costs)
  • £25 Fixed Penalty Fee (for allowing your dog to stray)

Payment can be made by card or cash at our kennels.

Please note: there is no facility for payment by instalments and there are no exceptions made.

Community Animal Welfare Footprint Awards

The RSPCA CAWF award scheme celebrates good practice by rewarding those organisations exceeding basic and statutory service requirements with the aim of achieving higher animal welfare standards. Since 2011 we have achieved the prestigious Gold Award for it's Stray Dog service and in 2018 were awarded the prestigious Platinum Footprint.

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