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Appendix documents


Appendix A - Initial Forecast February 2022

The Budget Cabinet financial forecast proposals.

Appendix B - General Fund Forecast Assumptions

General Fund Forecast Assumptions.

Appendix C - Forecast Changes

Forecast Changes, including unavoidable Revenue Spending Pressures and changes to assumptions.

Appendix D - General Fund Forecast Adjustments

The following notes relate to the adjustments made to the forecast set out in appendix C.

Appendix E - General Fund Forecast

General Fund Forecast.

Appendix F - Savings and Growth Proposals

Savings and growth proposals.

Appendix G - Capital Financing Statement

Capital Financing Statement.

Appendix H - Risks

Appendix H sets out key areas of Financial Risk for revenue and capital budgets.

Appendix I - The Capital Strategy

The Capital Strategy Report 2023/24.

Appendix J - Treasury Management Strategy

Treasury Management Strategy, including the borrowing strategy.

Appendix K - The Investment Strategy

The Investment Strategy, including investment indicators.

Appendix L - Statement of Policy on the Minimum Revenue Provision

The Statement of Policy on the Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP).

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