Caravan site licences
Apply for a caravan site licence if you wish to change the use of land to a permanent caravan site.
House to house collection licence
Apply for a house to house collection licence for charitable purpose.
Leaflet distribution licence
Apply for a leaflet distribution licence to hand out leaflets, newspaper, flyers, business cards etc.
Pavement Cafe licences
Apply for a pavement cafe licence to operate pavement cafes.
Scrap metal dealers licence
Apply for a scrap metal dealers licence to buy or sell scrap metal.
Skin piercing registration
Register your premises and staff to undertake tattooing and/or piercing.
Second hand goods dealers registration
Register as a second hand goods dealer if you wish to deal in second hand goods.
Sexual entertainment venue licences
Apply for a sexual entertainment venue licence or a sex establishment or a sex cinema licence.
Street collection licence
Apply for a street collection licence to collect money or sell articles for charity.