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Support and advice for businesses affected by COVID-19.

Preston City Council media enquiries


Please find below contact details of the communications team should you wish to contact an individual surrounding a particular issue:

Media contact changes due to COVID 19 - Out of hours support

Please use as your primary source of contact for the media team. Owing to capacity and management of COVID19 we cannot guarantee our team will be accessible by phone at all times. Thank you.

Shirah Bamber - Head of Policy and External Relations
01772 906349

Paul Boden - Senior Communications and Marketing Officer
01772 906350

Angela Sinclair - Communications Officer
01772 906476 

Alison Taylor - Communications and Marketing Assistant
01772 906474

Filming requests

Any TV / production companies wishing to film in Preston are asked to complete the following online form:

Request filming or photography in Preston

What you need to include:

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Your company and programme details
  • Proposed filming date(s) and time(s)
  • Exact locations(s)
  • Be aware of the public's right of way on footpaths and/or not to block the road to traffic
  • Attach a copy of your public liability insurance certificate

Please note: There may be charges associated with your filming.

Permission to fly a drone

Over recent years we have received requests from members of the public and businesses about filming with drones on council land, including in parks and public open spaces.

Drones are more formerly known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and they cannot be flown from or above council land without permission granted by the Council.

To request permission to fly a drone on Council land please complete the online form.

Request permission to fly a drone

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