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Brownfield Land Register

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The brownfield land register identifies land suitable for housing to provide up-to-date, good quality and clear information on local availability.

Where can I see the register?

Preston City Council's Brownfield Land Register (PDF) [251KB] can be downloaded or can be viewed in a map format.

The Brownfield Land Register



Site name

and address






BR01Sharoe Green Hospital, Sharoe Green Lane, Preston.5.33Permissioned 

Hospital closed in 2004.

Site under construction with 32 completions but stalled with no completions since 2009-10. 

Original development company dissolved.

Site believed to have been purchased.  Discussions have been had about a  slightly amended scheme.

Planning permission on site include 06/2006/0651 & 06/2007/0585

BR04Former Cottam Brickworks8.42Permissioned 

Part of PLP allocation MD1.

RM 06/2017/0255 pursuant to outline 06/2009/0499 for 93no. dwellings

BR06Avenham Street Car Park0.6Permissioned 06/2007/0189 - expired.  CCP Allocation SP4.2.
BR08Mount Street / Garden Street0.06not permissioned06/2017/0252 for conversion to 41 apartments was withdrawn
BR09Former St Joseph's Orphanage, Theatre Street0.39Permissioned CCP Housing Allocation SP4.1.  06/2004/0605 06/2009/0592. 06/2009/0592 is a variation of conditions app.  Minor works carried out so tech start made.  Site is part of the
Housing Zone. Building is grade II listed.
BR10Lancashire House, Winckley Square.0.11Permissioned 06/2018/0746 change of use to 29 apartments. One of four buildings in Winckley Square that is included in the Housing Zone. 
BR15Alstom site, Channel Way6.26not permissionedHigh density (330 dwellings). Lower density more realistic.
BR16Goss Graphics, Fylde Road.3.8not permissionedPrevious application for 208 apartments; 88 family houses & 370 student rooms. 
BR17Land at Ashton Basin0.37Permissioned 06/2013/0749 Outline permission for the erection of 12no town houses in three blocks with associated access road and junction improvements. Previous permission
06/2008/0538 lapsed.
BR18Former Byron Hotel, 25-35 Grimshaw Street. 0.09Permissioned 06/2005/1124 for 25 apartments has now lapsed. CCP allocation SP4.6
BR19Miller Arcade, Church Street0.2Permissioned 06/2015/0022 for conversion of upper floors to form 45 studio apartments. Previous pp 06/2005/0060 lapsed.
BR206 and 7 Ribblesdale Place0.07Permissioned 06/2004/0757 change of use from offices to 6 apartments. Various permissions but none implemented. 
BR2137/38 Cannon Street0.02Permissioned 06/2017/0074 change of use of part of ground floor and first floor to 1 apartment
BR225-13 Market Street0.06Permissioned 06/2017/0251 for 19 apartments. 
BR23Hemmings Mill, New Hall Lane0.33Permissioned 06/2007/1092 for conversion to 45 apartments Not implemented
BR25Parker Street1.3not permissionedPLP Site HS1.3. Still in employment use - redevelopment unlikely in short term. 
BR26Former Ainsdale House Site0.29not permissionedSite still vacant. No pp.
BR27Brethren's Meeting Room, Egerton Road, Ashton.0.5not permissionedPLP Site HS1.12 No pp.
BR28Railway land, Corporation Street1.75not permissionedCCP Policy OP1 - Corporation Street. No pp. Still operational railway land? 
BR29Oak Street, off Manchester Road0.14not permissionedMay only come forward as part of larger mixed use scheme? Inclusion questionable esp in light of appeal decision for adj property on Laurel St (06/2011/00297).
BR30Former Spindlemakers Arms, Lancaster Road North0.11permissioned06/2002/0438 lapsed for student accommodation not implemented. 
BR31170 Corporation Street0.03permissioned06/2011/0911 for Student accommodation has now lapsed. Time ext to 06/2008/0889
BR35161-171 Fylde Rd0.25not permissioned 
BR3652-62 Corporation Street0.09pending decisionPending 06/2017/1285 comprising 78no. apartments following demolition of existing Preston City Mission building
BR37Former County Arms Hotel site, 2 Deepdale Road. 0.06permissioned06/2008/0140 Student accommodation. PP lapsed
BR415 and 7 Moor Park Avenue0.15permissioned06/2016/1165 conversion of offices to 14 apartments
BR42Oyston Mill, Strand Road0.7permissioned06/2017/0669 Change of use from mixed employment (B2 and B8) and retail (A1) at ground floor, and offices (B1) at upper floors, to student accommodation 
BR48Deepdale Mill Street0.29permissionedLocal Plan Allocation HS1.6.     06/2014/0972 erection of 11 townhouses
BR49Victoria House, 9-11 Ormskirk Road.0.04permissioned06/2013/0591 Prior notification submission for conversion from B1 offices to C3 residential.
BR5010 and 11 Camden Place0.03permissioned06/2013/0745 & 06/2014/0322 Prior notification submission for conversion from B1 offices to C3 residential.
BR51The Golden Cross Hotel, 60 Lancaster Road.0.02permissioned06/2013/0752 Conversion of upper floors and attic to 9 flats.
BR52East Cliff House, 5 East Cliff 0.08permissioned06/2014/0084 Change of use from B1 offices to 8 apartments (C3). 
BR5363 Guildhall Street0.02permissioned06/2017/0970  Prior notification submission for change of use from offices (Class B1) to 35no. apartments (Class C3) 
BR6033 Manchester Road0.04not permissioned 
BR62Former Royal Cross site1permissioned06/2014/0028 Erection of 14 dwellings following demolition of existing utility building.
BR63Land at D'Urton Lane, Broughton.3.49permissioned06/2015/0173 Erection of 7 dwellings following demolition of existing kennels etc.
BR66Lodge Bank, Moor Lane0.01permissioned06/2015/0564 Conversion and extension of dwelling to create 7 bedsits.
BR70Lancashire Fire and Rescue HQ, Garstang Road.1.5not permissionedLocal Plan Allocation HS1.1
BR71Argyll Road Depot 4.3not permissionedLocal Plan Allocation HS1.2 Not all of site will come forward in 5 yrs. Housing Zone site.
BR73Deepdale Mill, Deepdale Mill Street / Isherwood Street0.71permissionedLocal Plan Allocation HS1.7 & 06/2014/0494 Erection of three storey terrace of 4no. town houses 
BR76Rear Bull and Royal Public House,  Church St.0.2not permissionedSP4.3
BR77North of Shepherd Street0.4not permissionedSP4.4

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