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How the Council works

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Preston City Council is a district council, working alongside Lancashire County Council as part of a two-tier local government system.

Council control

We have 48 elected councillors who are responsible for taking decisions about the future of Preston and important public services such as planning, housing, leisure and culture, and rubbish and recycling.

As well as representing the public, councillors also represent political parties. Currently, our councillors represent the following parties:

  • 31 Labour
  • 10 Conservative
  • 7 Liberal Democrat

As the Labour Group has the most number of councillors, they have control of the council.

All 48 councillors meet every two months at the Full Council meeting and consider and discuss important issues affecting the city.

Just like our national government, most of the decision making is made by a smaller number of councillors called a Cabinet.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet, which is made up of the Leader of the Council (currently Councillor Matthew Brown) and other councillors, meets every month and takes the majority of the decisions for the council.

Cabinet members

The Scrutiny Committee

Cabinet's decisions are monitored by a cross party committee called the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee and they act to make sure that the right decisions are being made for Preston.

The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee can ask for important decisions to be made at Full Council, where all elected councillors can have a say and a vote.

Once a decision is taken by councillors it is down to the council's departments and officers to put these decisions into action.

Council officers are managed by the Chief Executive as well as four other directors, which make up our Corporate Management Team.

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