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We are currently experiencing a technical issue affecting the outstanding balance shown for Council Tax and NNDR accounts online. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Footpath Diversion Orders

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Footpath Diversion Orders are made when a footpath or bridleway needs to be diverted to an alternative footpath for development work to be carried out in line with planning permission that has been granted under Part III of the 1990 Act.

Current Footpath Diversion Orders (Notice of Making)

Currently there are none.

Make an objection

Any objections to a current Order (Notice of Making) must be made in writing to the following address:

Director of Resources
Preston City Council
Town Hall
Lancaster Road

All objections must be received before the date given in the Notice of Making. Please make sure you include why you are making the objection.

Unopposed Footpath Diversion Orders

If no objections are made, or made then withdrawn, we may confirm the Order as an unopposed Order. 

At this stage if anyone believes that the legal requirements may not have been followed, then they may apply to the High Court to question the validity of the order.

Current Confirmed Footpath Diversion Orders (Notice of Confirmation)

Currently there are none.

Opposed Footpath Diversion Orders

If objections are received within the given time and are not withdrawn the Order is referred to the Secretary of State who will decide the matter by holding a Public Inquiry or by appointing a person to hear the representations of the objector(s).

Current opposed Footpath Diversion Orders

Currently there are none.

Certified Footpath Diversion Orders

Once we are satisfied that all works relating to the new route have been carried out to our satisfaction we will certify the Order. Once the Order is certified the new route becomes operative. Until this time the original route of the path remains highway and is protected by highway law.

Current certified Footpath Diversion Orders (Notice of Order Coming into Force)

Currently there are none.

Map address for Preston City Council       

Preston City Council, Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL.

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