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Report a mouse problem


We offer a free pest control service for mice problems inside a residential property.

For problems outside a property (e.g. garden, shed, detached garage), we recommend using an accredited, professional pest controller who is CRRU or wildlife aware accredited. 

For pest controllers near you visit the British Pest Control Association - Find a Pest Controller.

Why are mice considered pests?

Mice are considered a public health pest, as they can transmit diseases to humans such as salmonella, viruses and parasite such as fleas. They can also cause a great deal of damage by eating and contaminating food and damaging materials by gnawing.

Reporting a problem

To report a mouse problem inside a property, you need to book an appointment by completing our online form:

Report a pest problem


Appointments can be made for a pest control officer to arrive between the following hours Monday to Friday:


9am - 1pm


Midday - 4pm

What happens next?

A Pest Control Technician will visit your property to set a number of poisonous baits, which will be placed in tamper resistant boxes or open trays depending on location. Our technician will ensure all baits used are positioned as safely as possible.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment can often take a number of weeks, as the baits usually require repeated takes from the mice to be effective. This is due to the treatment matching mice feeding habits.

Follow up visits

Our technician will revisit your property every fortnight until the infestation is cleared. Please ensure you are available at the address given for all booked appointments.

Safety around poison baits

It is important to keep children and pets away from poison. If you think a child or pet has eaten any bait, you should seek medical advice immediately from a vet or doctor. Take the advice sheet left by the Pest Control Technician with you. This provides details of the bait used.

Preventing re-infestation

Below are some ways in which you can help prevent further re-infestations:

  • Do not leave open food (including uneaten pet food) out in the kitchen overnight
  • Remove food spillages as they occur
  • Empty waste bins regularly
  • Ensure that your rubbish/waste is placed in a bin with a good fitting lid
  • Place food in rodent proof containers
  • Ensure that refuse is not allowed to accumulate in the yard or garden
  • Place food intended for garden birds on a bird table or approved feeder; do not place food for birds directly onto the ground
  • Ensure that any gaps or holes in outside walls are sealed, and broken air vents are covered in a fine mesh to prevent mice gaining access into your home. Mice can squeeze through gaps bigger than 5mm (1/4 of an inch)

Commercial pest control issues

We only treat pests on commercial or industrial premises for businesses and organisations that have a contract with us.

All other businesses will need to contact a commercial pest control service. To find a commercial pest control service near you visit the British Pest Control Association - Find a Pest Controller

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