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Confirmation of Voter Registration 2024

All properties will shortly be receiving a form or email to ask the occupant to confirm who is resident at the property for voting purposes. Please check the details when you receive this and respond online if appropriate.

Street parties

Party streamer

A street party is a social event right outside your front door! it is a great way to have fun and develop a sense of community spirit.

You could close your street for the day and meet your neighbours in a traffic-free environment. People can socialise easily and meet all their neighbours whatever their age and background. Children have the chance to play together safely. Having the party right outside your house means that most people join in.

The number one tip for holding a party is to plan early, think about what you want to achieve and get in touch with your council as soon as possible. For advice on organising a successful event please visit Streets Alive - street planning and support and The Big Lunch website.

Street party application process

Before you apply to host a street party, we recommend that you download our Street party toolkit (PDF) [1MB] .

How to apply for a street party

Bookings for Street parties are temporarily closed while applications for the Coronation are processed.

You can apply for a street party through our street party application form.

Apply for a Street Party

Please note that there is no charge to host a street party.

What happens once my application has been processed?

Once your application has been processed we will let you know if you are able to close your road. We will also provide a pack showing you how to close the road and provide you with signage to place at the end of your street and in the local area. Full instructions will be given to you to help you with this. We will also be listing all street party road closures on our website and in the local press to inform local residents and visitors to the city.

Please note it is not possible for all types of roads to be closed for street parties, such as busy main roads, bus routes and other roads that affect the wider road network or local businesses.

These roads are unlikely to be able to hold a street party. If this is the case for you, you may consider using on of the city's parks for your private event.

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