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What evidence do I need to provide?


We need certain information and evidence from you to process your claim as quickly as possible.

When making a claim remember

  • Always provide evidence of your income and capital and any other relevant information
  • Always complete and send in your form as soon as possible
  • Always provide any evidence asked from you as soon as possible

When making a new claim you will need to provide identification for yourself and proof of your National Insurance Number.

Acceptable forms of proof of National Insurance Number

  • P45 or P60
  • Wage slip
  • Tax letter
  • DWP notification letter
  • RD3 National Insurance card

Acceptable forms of identification

  • Current valid passport
  • National Identity card issued by a European Economic Area member state
  • Full Driving Licence
  • UK Residence permit
  • Marriage certificate
  • Paid utility bill
  • Birth certificate
  • Benefit award letter from DWP
  • Letter from solicitor, social worker, probation officer, doctor

Types of income proof we need

We need to see a notification letter for your current award if you receive Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (income based) or Pension Credits.

Proof of earnings

  • For each job - 5 weekly, 3 fortnightly or 2 monthly consecutive wage slips. If you do not have these ask us for an 'employers certificate'. This must include a company stamp
  • If you are self-employed - your last profit and loss accounts covering a 12 month period. If you do not have these ask for a self-employed form from us

Proof of other income

State benefits and pension

  • Department for Works and Pension notification letter for the current award
  • Bank statement showing the payments going in

Occupational pension

  • Pay Slips
  • Letter from your former employer

Other proof

  • Tax Credits - HMRC notification letter - all pages
  • Maintenance - Letter from Child Support Agency or a letter from payer
  • Other income - Letter showing the amount and frequency
  • Student grant / loan - Current grant / loan award letter including a full breakdown of the type of grant
  • Child care payments - Receipts showing the amount of payments made, frequency of the payments and the childminder's OFSTED registration number
  • Proof of capital - Up to date bank statements covering the last 2 months.
    • Share certificates
    • National savings certificates 
    • Premium bonds
    • Documentary evidence of any other type of capital
  • Second properties - Evidence of the current valuation and the amount of the outstanding mortgage
    • Evidence of the amount of any rental income received

How to send your documents

You can upload any information direct to us by using our E-Claim upload form or you can e-mail your documents to us at

Upload your documents using the E-Claim upload form

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