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Selling, letting or renovating an empty home

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Making Homes from Houses Project

The Making Homes from Houses Project, in partnership with Community Gateway, aims to renovate empty properties so they can be brought back into use as a home for those in housing need.

If you are interested in either selling or the repair and lease of your property through the project see Making Homes from Houses Project .

Selling your empty property

If you are an empty home owner looking to sell your home, then find out how we can help and the different ways of selling your property.

For further information on selling your property see our guide to selling your empty property (PDF) [44KB] .

Advertise your property through the buyers' register

Our empty homes buyers' register lists individuals who are interested in buying empty properties.

If you would like us to help you advertise your property by sending your property details to individuals on the empty buyers' register please complete the following:

Sign up for the empty homes register (owners)

Please note: this is a free service to owners of empty residential properties that have been empty for six months or more in the city of Preston.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the form, we will do the following with your permission:

  • Visit the property to photograph it and compile a brief description
  • Send your property details to all interested individuals on the buyers' register
  • Organise a formal viewing with all interested parties

Please note: once a formal viewing has taken place, we will not get involved with the negotiation part of the process between the owner and subsequent buyer or accept any liability.

Other ways of selling your property

Sell it through an Estate Agent

Estate Agents manage the whole process of selling your property; from valuations, to
marketing, negotiating the sale price, and the financial and legal processes.

The cost for covering the various services offered depends on the agent you choose.

For a list of agents in Preston see Rightmove - Estate Agents Preston.

Sell at Auction

Auctions are a quick efficient way of achieving a sale. Once the hammer falls a legal binding sale contract is entered into and can be quicker than having a property on the housing market with an Estate Agent.

There are reputable local auction houses to provide you with the information you need to decide if this is the best option for you.

Sell it yourself

You should be realistic about the property's potential and current condition. Local house prices may be used as a guide to help you decide a sale price to advertise the property.

For information on selling your house see Rightmove - guiding you through the selling process.

Letting your empty property

If you do decide not to sell then an alternative option could be to let your property. This is an ideal way of bringing the property back into use as well as earning you additional income.

For more information see our guide to successful letting (PDF) [139KB] .

Renovating your empty property

Properties left empty for long periods of time often require repairs and refurbishment in order to return them to habitable use.

For more information see our guide to renovating your empty property (PDF) [38KB] .

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