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Preston Market Hall rules


Opening Times

Stallholders are expected to keep their stall open during all trading hours as directed by the Council's Market Manager. The Market will be open for business from 8am until 5pm Monday to Saturday.

The minimum trading hours, unless formerly approved otherwise by the Council in writing with the stallholder are;

  • Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

The Market will be closed on the following Public Holidays - Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Easter Sunday. The opening of the Market on other Bank Holidays and Sundays will be determined by the Market Manager.

Deliveries and Access

Stallholders will be able to access the Market Hall:

  • Monday to Saturday - 6am to 7pm 

Goods, stock or other articles for sale/use at traders' stalls should be delivered solely through the service access points to the Market Hall as determined by the Council's Market Manager.

Stallholders are able to park their vehicles in the service access points for prompt and active loading and unloading of deliveries and stock and are not to park vehicles for any longer than is necessary for these purposes.

Stallholders will be subject to any loading/unloading and parking restrictions which are enforced by the Highway Authority's Traffic enforcement officers.

Stallholders are not permitted to use or obstruct the service access points at any other time.

Sale of Goods

The stallholder will not use, or permit to be used, their stall for any of the following:

  • sale by auction
  • illegal or immoral purposes
  • noxious, offensive or noisy trade or business
  • Smoking or the use of e-cigarettes - this prohibition also applies to all seating areas adjoining every stall used by the public and stallholders alike (Excluding external seating areas)

Stallholders will ensure all items displayed for sale are priced.

The stallholder will ensure all goods sold or offered for sale are their own property or stock and will furnish proof as to the ownership of any goods being sold or displayed for sale, when requested to do so by the Market Manager.

All stallholders selling food must display, in a prominent position, their Food Standards Agency (FSA) Food Hygiene Rating certificate/sticker.

Stallholders whose FSA Food Hygiene certification falls below a rating of 4 will be required to take immediate improvement measures in order to ensure they obtain a rating of 4 or above, at their own cost.

Stallholders must not trade or sell any other goods than those stipulated in their Lease, unless approved in writing by the Market Manager.

Display of Goods

The stallholder will ensure that all stock and goods on sale are displayed within the confines of the stall boundaries so not to cause any obstruction to circulation areas in the Market Hall, as identified in the plan and lease.

Stock must not be hung over glass screenings or over any part of the stall which may encroach into the public circulation areas of the Market Hall.

The stallholder will ensure no stock or goods, boxes, crates or like articles, trucks, trolleys, equipment etc are left in public circulation areas.

The stallholder shall not affix, nail, screw, stick or staple anything to the structure of the Market Hall, in particular glass screenings or pillars supporting the roof.

Storage of Goods

Goods, stock and equipment maybe left by the stallholder in/on the stall when the Market Hall is closed. The Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any such goods, stock or equipment so left arising from any cause whatsoever other than negligence by the Council or its employees acting within the course of their employment.

Stall Alterations and Design

Stallholders will not be permitted to make any alterations or additions to the structure or fittings and fixtures or lighting of the stall without the prior written consent of the Council's Market Manager.

The stallholder will provide all necessary certificates required for the satisfactory installation of any electrical or plumbing equipment to the stall.

The stall holder will not display any advertising on or about the stall without the prior approval of the landlord. The fascia sign attached to stall roof edge will be provided by the trader and marked up with the trader's name or business name in a consistent manner, with the Market Manager's approval.

Refuse Disposal and Recycling

All refuse and litter should be recycled and deposited in the appropriate recycling facilities supplied by the Council with the exception of material highlighted as non-recyclable and raw meat and food waste.

Raw meat and food waste must be disposed of separately in an appropriate manner approved by the Council's Market Manager.

Conduct and Staffing

All stall holders will comply with the provisions of the Children and Young Person Act, the Education Acts 1944/1948, the Employment of Children's Act 1973 and any other Legislation, Local Act or Bylaw relating to the employment of Young Children.

The stallholder will not be permitted to carry out any activity at the stall which may become a nuisance or cause damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the Council, other stallholders or the general public.

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