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Communication Based Engagement Plan - Annex E


Harris Quarter Towns Fund Investment Plan - November 2021 - March 2022

Download a copy of the Icon for pdf Communication Based Engagement Plan [4.96MB].


  • Nominated Lead(s) from Towns Fund Board
  • Head of Policy and External Relations - Preston City Council


  • Appointed agency (Agency)
  • Preston City Council in-house External Relations team. (PCC)

Following the initial 6 month period, a comprehensive communications plan will be developed for the entire project life cycle of the Harris Quarter Towns Fund Investment Programme.

Approval Protocols

All bespoke content, such as press releases, video, and print, must be approved by the relevant project manager, with final sign-off from the agreed management structure listed above.

All agreed content is to be shared with the Chair and Towns Fund Board when published.

Day-to-day social media sits outside of this approval protocol due to its fast-moving, reactive pace.


  • The key spokesperson on behalf of the Preston Towns Fund Board is the Chair, John Chesworth.
  • All PCC-specific projects will include a quote from Council Leader or nominated spokesperson. Where possible, opportunities are provided for alternative spokespeople from the Towns Fund Board.

All media enquiries are to be directed to Alma Stewart, Senior Communications and Marketing Officer. 01772 906474,

Delivery Plan

Proactive press schedule and media management - Preston City Council

  • Schedule of newsletter(s) content for the following audiences - Agency
    • Business networks - i.e. Shout, Chamber, Downtown in Business, Lancashire Business View, Pink Link Lady, UCLAN Centre for SME
  • Preston Partnership
  • Students (via UCLAN)
  • Community Sector
    • Faith Groups
    • Third Sector
    • Community Groups
  • Parish Councils

  • Development of micro influencer network - Board

  • Schedule of website updates, including video and good news stories for the city. - Agency 

  • Social media management, including wider city good news stories. - Preston City Council

  • Bespoke social media content (Twitter and LinkedIn) - Agency
    • Project updates (video, photographic, etc.)
    • Sneak peeks where appropriate
    • Updates on projects within the Harris Quarter footprint, not just TF.

  • Video creation (length and content determined by platform. i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn and website)
    • Interviews / vox pops
    • Tours
    • Project updates

  • Asset Development - Agency (Preston City Council for print)
    • Brochure for print
    • Roller banner


  • Press and media coverage
  • Website analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Newsletter analytics
  • Feedback received

These arrangements will be reviewed monthly by the Nominated Lead(s) from Towns Fund Board and Head of Policy and External Relations Preston City Council, in collaboration with the appointed agency.

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