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Past Mayors from 1600 - 1699

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The tradition of having a Mayor of Preston dates back to the Middle Ages when the city's first Charter (a document bestowing certain rights on a town) was granted by Henry II in 1179.

Preston's first recorded Mayor was called Aubrey, son of Robert, who took up his position in 1327. Although there is little other information about him, it is thought that he was a wealthy businessman of his time and was chosen to be Mayor by a select few wealthy associates, the majority of local people had no say in the matter.

Nowadays, the Mayor has to be a Preston city councillor, meaning that local people have voted for them to represent their communities.

Mayors from 1600 - 1699

Below is a table of past Mayors ranging from 1600 - 1699. You will find the most up to date list of Mayors on the background to the Mayor of Preston page.

* Denotes Guild Mayor

Roger Sudell1699
John Chorley1698
Thomas Winckley1697
John Atherton1696
Nicholas Walmsley1695
William Lemon1694
Josias Gregson1693
Richard Langton (Taylor)1692
George Addison1691
Roger Sudell1690
William Wearden (Werden)1689
Thomas Winckley1688
Nicholas Walmsley1687
Lawrence Wall1686
William Lemon1685
John Kellett1684
James Ashton1683
George Addison1682
Roger Sudell* 1681 - 1682
Thomas Hodgkinson1680
Thomas Winckley1679
Lawrence Wall1678
Lawrence Hodgkinson1677
William Lemon1676
John Kellet1675
James Ashton1674
George Addison1673
Thomas Hodgkinson1672
Richard Hynd1671
Thomas Walmsley1670
Henry Blundell1669
Thomas Rishton1668
Seth Blackhurst1667
Thomas Sumpner1666
Lawrence Wall1665
Luke Hodgkinson1664
William Turner1663
William Banestre (Banastre)1662
James Hodgkinson* 1661 - 1662
James Hodgkinson1660
William Sudell1659
Evan Wall1658
Edmund Werden1657
Seth Blackhurst1656
William Patten1655
Richard Sumpner1654
Edward French1653
William Shawe1652
William Sudell1651
Evan Wall1650
Edmund Werden1649
Seth Blackhurst1648
Henry Blundell1647
Thomas Sumpner1646
Matthew Addison1645
William Shawe1644
William Cottam1643
Adam Morte1642
Edmund Werden* 1641 - 1642
 James Wall1640
Roger Langton1639
Henry Sudell1638
William Preston1637
Henry Blundell1636
Henry Breres1635
William Sudell1634
William Lemon1633
Roger Langton1632
Henry Sudell1631
William Preston1630
Henry Blundell1629
John Hynd1628
Henry Breres1627
William Sudell1626
Thomas Banestre1625
William Lemon1624
Richard Blundell1623
Richard Shaw1622
William Preston* 1621 - 1622
William Preston1620
John Croke1620 - 1619
Henry Breres1618
Thomas Banester (Banaster)1617
Roger Lanton1616
Henry Hodgkinson1615
John Hynd (Hind)1614 - 1613
John Croke1612
Henry Beres1611
Thomas Banestre (Banastre)1610
Henry Catterall1609
Richard Blundell1608
Henry Hodgkinson1607
Thomas Banastre (Banestre)1606
Roger Langton1605
Richard Hodgkinson1604
John Chorley1603
Henry Catterall* 1601 - 1602

Richard Blundell

Henry Hodgkinson


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