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Confirmation of Voter Registration 2024

All properties will shortly be receiving a form or email to ask the occupant to confirm who is resident at the property for voting purposes. Please check the details when you receive this and respond online if appropriate.

Petitions - Easy Read document


Please download our Petitions easy read document (PDF) [159KB] or view our page version below.

Question mark written in chalk
 Do you want to know how to submit a petition?

A cartoon of a hand and pen with a clipboard with paper saying Petition
 A petition can come in two forms, a paper petition or an e-petition.

Screenshot of Preston City Council's home page website.
 The Council's e-Petition facility can be found on the website.

Hand written in black pen on a white board the word rules
 Most of the time, the same rules apply to a paper petition and an e-petition, except that an e-petition are checked to make sure they are valid before they are open for signatures.

A red UK post box
We contact the person setting up the e-petition, known as the Petition Organiser. 

E-petitions can be open for people to sign for weeks or months, it is up to you.

A pen with a tick box of I agree
 In order to be accepted, it must be signed by at least 50 people who live, work or study in the Preston Council area.

Someone holding the green tick symbol
When a paper petition is received, the Council needs to do a few checks, then someone will contact the person who set up the petition, usually the petition organiser.

Like with an e-petition, we have to check that a petition is valid. This means that it must have at least 50 signatures from people living, working or studying in the Preston Council area and the Council must be responsible for what ever the petition is asking.

The Council chamber in Preston
 How will the Council reply to petitions?

If a petition is accepted, within 20 days of the petition being received, the Council will write to the petition organiser telling them what the Council is going to do with it.

The Council could:

  • Do what the petition asks
  • Discuss the petition at a Full Council meeting
  • Hold a public meeting
  • Refer the petition to the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee
  • Something else

A piece of paper with a signature required and a hand looking like its going to sign it.
  Petitions which have under 50 signatures will be considered as part of the Council's Complaints Scheme. 

For more information please visit our full petition scheme page.

If you would like to discuss the petition scheme please contact Head of Member Services on 01772 906112 or email

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