We currently offer waiting list places for all 8 of our managed allotment sites in Preston.

Allotments can be very rewarding. However they involve a lot of time and commitment to be managed successfully.

If you are interested in adding your name to one of our waiting lists, it is important to read the following text and watch the accompanying video explaining the amount of commitment required.

What work does it involve?

Managing an allotment is hard work and requires a considerable amount of labour on a regular basis for tasks such as:

  • preparing the ground
  • sowing
  • planting
  • weeding

This can be particularly difficult during times of very warm weather or after heavy rainfall when the ground is heavy and waterlogged.

How much time is needed?

You need to dedicate a considerable amount of your time in order to create and maintain a successful allotment plot.

A regular sized plot (@125m²) will need a minimum of two to three 2 hour sessions each week to bring the plot up to standard.

Plots that are regularly left unattended for weeks due to the weather or other commitments are likely to fail very quickly.

How to join the waiting list

If you feel you have the commitment required for managing a plot, for more information, including prices and joining the waiting list, see allotment plots.

Alternative gardening options

If you don't think you have the time commitment for an allotment plot, but would like to get involved with a gardening based activity, why not consider the following options:

Let's Grow Preston

Let's Grow Preston is a network that supports and connects community gardens and growing projects across Preston.

Let's Grow Preston can put you in touch with people and projects close to you, so you can start getting your hands dirty and gain useful hints and tips with like-minded people.

Shared allotment use

If you are keen on managing an allotment plot, but don't have the time to manage one on your own, why not consider sharing allotment responsibility with other family members or friends to reduce the amount of commitment required.

Home grown vegetables

If you have a garden, you could consider setting some space aside for growing vegetables.
Growing vegetables in your garden is much less time committing as it saves travel time and is easier to maintain from your own doorstep.

Allotment plots commitment video