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Preston's Fairness charter


Fairness is ...

...being impartial, just and free of favouritism. It means treating everyone properly and equally, giving everyone access to the income, goods and services they need and encouraging them to take advantage of those opportunities to improve their wellbeing and have a better future for themselves and their families. Fairness in equality of opportunity should lead to a higher equality of outcome for all.

Our Fairness Principles

Preston is a city where working together we can be a fairer city; a city more prosperous for all our people.

The nine steps for fairness in Preston

Download a PDF copy of Preston's fairness charter (PDF) [524KB] here. 

  • We will ensure the principles of fairness are at the heart of all our decision making including setting budgets, allocating resources and strategic planning
  • We will ensure that when working with partners we make best use of combined resources to target inequality, so as to maximise impact
  • We will actively seek to keep value and wealth in the Preston economy by sourcing our goods and services in the area and applying social value criteria to all our procurement and contracting practices
  • We will actively seek to support and make investments that benefit Preston's people and economy and offer a sustainable return to the city

A city with an economy which supports prosperity and promotes fairness in working lives and working practices

  • We will encourage and promote fairness in working practices in our own organisation and when working with partners including adoption of the National Living Wage as a minimum wage, Trade Union recognition and avoiding zero hours contracts
  • We will promote and support the creation and sustainability of ownership models which retain wealth in the Preston community and give people a greater say and stake in the organisations they engage with
  • We will actively encourage and support both employers and employees to gain the skills and qualifications needed to improve the competitiveness of local businesses, the prosperity of Preston's economy and the prospects of local people particularly for those facing the greatest challenges

A city where everyone has access to affordable energy and decent, affordable living which suits their needs

  • We will promote and support the creation and sustainability of sources of affordable housing, energy, credit and food
  • We will actively seek to improve the living environment to support safe and healthy living

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