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Preston Outdoor Market - list of permitted goods


This list is a guide to the categories of goods permitted on the Outdoor Market. In certain situations categories can overlap.

  • Baby wear/children's wear - any garment type (accessory) to fit baby, toddler, child. Excluding shoes
  • Books/stationary - new and second hand/used and can be exchanged.​​​
  • Computers/hardware/software
  • Cosmetics/personal toiletries
  • Craft goods - to include all handicraft items, ornamental figures, pictures, mirrors, brassware and ornamental goods
  • Crockery and glassware - pottery, Glassware, China and Ornaments
  • Curtains - to include ready made curtains. Net type curtains both ready made and off the roll. Also curtain fittings
  • E.Cigarette's - E Cigarettes and smoking related accessories (excluding Tobacco)
  • Electrical goods - any domestic appliance, switches, sockets, Hoover parts and lampshades. Excluding power driven tools
  • Ex military clothing/equipment - excluding firearms, grenades, knives and bayonets
  • Fabrics - any type of material used for making up cloth and curtains. Also paper patterns
  • Fancy goods - this incorporates items unable to be put into any category e.g. umbrellas, sunglasses, lighters, clocks, watches, scissors etc. exc. Phones and accessories
  • Floor coverings - all types of floor coverings,carpets,rugs, cushion vinyl and accessories
  • Flowers, plants and accessories 
  • Foam rubber - to include vinyl fabrics,leatherette and canvas
  • Greeting cards - to include complimentary lines such as wrapping paper and stationery 
  • Haberdashery 
  • Hats, gloves, scarves and handkerchiefs
  • Household goods/kitchenware
  • Household linens - to include bed linen, duvets, towels, bath sets and tablecloths
  • Jewellery - any item used for personal adornment such as belts, silk scarves and braces
  • Knitting yarns - to include accessories and patterns
  • Ladies wear - to include dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, lightweight jackets and suits, knitted suits and skirts 
  • Menswear - to include jeans, trousers, shirts, ties, waistcoats, blazer type jackets, sweatshirts, knitwear and T shirts 
  • Outdoor and protective outerwear - any type of coat,weatherproof suit, shell suit. Excluding jeans and trousers for men,women and children
  • Pet foods - to include accessories and complimentary lines
  • Phones and accessories 
  • Pot pourri - to include burners, oils and candles
  • Protective workwear - to include any garment such as boiler suits, overalls, protective garments and boots
  • Records and tapes - to include Vinyl, tapes, CD's, music videos, pop posters and badges. Can be exchanged and be new and used goods.
  • Roller blinds - to include Venetian and hanging blinds
  • Second hand goods - Car Boot
  • Shopping bags and purses - to include any type shopping, hand or shoulder, bag, suitcases, purses and shopping trolleys
  • Soft furnishings - to include all types of chair/seat coverings (including car seats) scatter cushions and covers. Excluding curtains
  • Sportswear and equipment - any garment/equipment specifically designed for use in any sport (e.g. football kits, balls etc.)
  • Tools and Ironmongery - to include car accessories, excluding seat covers and mains electrical equipment
  • Toys 
  • Underwear/nightwear hosiery - to include any garment designed to be worn next to the skin under another garment, also nightwear and dressing gowns for men women and children and socks, tights
  • Wicker goods and bamboo
  • Vintage clothing - menswear/ladieswear,incl sportswear, fashions from year 2000 backwards. Can be exchanged and be new (deadstock) and used goods.

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