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Nomination for Honorary Freeman/Freewoman

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Any person may nominate an individual or organisation for the honour of Freeman/Freewoman. You can make your nomination online.

Nominate a Freeman/Freewoman

You can also download and fill out the Honorary Freeman/Freewoman nomination form (PDF) [64KB] and return it to the address provided on the form.

Further information may be requested from us as part of the process if required. Applications will then be considered by the Honours Task Group as soon as practicable.

The Task Group shall consist of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Leaders of the three largest groups or their nominee, plus one past Mayor from each Group. The Chair of the Group will be appointed at the meeting. 

Further to consideration, Full Council shall be notified of the Group's recommendations (if any). An Extraordinary full Council meeting would then be convened to bestow the honour.

1. Process for nominations

All nominations for the Honour of Freeman / Freewoman of the City should be made on the nomination form (nominate a Freeman/Freewoman) and supported by a reference from someone familiar with the work of the nominee. All nominations will be private and confidential and shall be submitted to the Chief Executive.

2. Selection Criteria

Applicants shall be judged eligible as against the following criterion:

  • They have brought distinction to the city of Preston and enhanced its reputation as a direct result of their actions
  • The work of the individual / organisation is considered exceptional as a direct result of their sustained actions
  • The work of the individual / organisation has made a significant difference to the life of others - such service may be continuous over a period of time or through one significant single action or initiative
  • The individual / organisation exemplifies selflessness and sustained commitment to voluntary service in their community

When considering applications, the group may wish to split nominations into categories to allow further clarity in their decision making. The following categories are suggested:

  • Charitable
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Business, Innovation and Science
  • Education
  • Health and Environment
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous other

It is accepted that some requests may fall into more than one category and applicants therefore need to address that in their submission.

All decisions of the Honours Task Group shall be made in consultation with the Council's Monitoring Officer.

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