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The Mayor of Preston

The Mayor

The Mayor of Preston background

The tradition of having a Mayor of Preston dates back to the middle ages when the City's first Charter (a document bestowing certain rights on a town) was granted by Henry II in 1179.

The Mayor of Preston acts as the City's first citizen, which means they speak on behalf of the City and are an important part of its identity. They also represent local people at civic and ceremonial events.

Nowadays, the Mayor has to be a Preston City Councillor, meaning that local people have voted for them to represent their communities. Once chosen, they become Deputy Mayor for a year, before stepping up at the following Annual Council and serve as the Mayor for a year.

For more information visit our background to the Mayor of Preston page, along with a list of past Mayors.

The current Mayor of Preston

The Mayor of Preston for 2023/24 is Councillor Yakub Patel who is the 695th Mayor of Preston, a position which dates back to 1327.

You can follow the Mayor on Facebook - Mayor of Preston and X - Preston Mayor.

About Councillor Yakub Patel

Yakub was born in the city of Bharuch (formerly known as 'Broach' by the British Rules) in India. Bharuch is a district in the southern part of the Gujarat peninsula on the west coast of the state of Gujarat and is located on the banks of river Narmada, one of the Seven Holy Rivers of India. The city of Bharuch and its surrounding district was a major shipping centre and sea port and an important pre-compass coastal trading route to the west, perhaps as far back as the days of Pharaohs. 

Yakub graduated from M.S. University of Baroda, India with a degree in BA and MA in English Literature. Yakub came to the UK in June 1976, got married and has lived in the Frenchwood area ever since with his family, children and grandchildren.

Yakub started his career in 1979 with Preston Corporation and was promoted from PSV conductor to PSV driver. Yakub also held roles as a Revenue Inspector, Traffic Inspector, Assistant Chief, Chief Inspector and Operations Manager before he retired on 4 July 2009.

Yakub has served in many roles with Preston Bus, including being a Board of Director, Health and Safety Representative and Chairman of ACTS Union.

Yakub was first elected as a Labour Party councillor for Avenham Ward in 1995 and was the first Muslim councillor in the history of Preston City Council.  Yakub was also elected as a Lancashire County Councillor for Preston West Division during 2001 - 2009.

Yakub is an active member of the local community and serves as a Co-opted member for Preston Jamea Mosque and Preston Muslim Burial Society. Yakub is also a school governor for Frenchwood Community Primary School. Yakub also work as an interpreter for Global Voices Ltd, Prestige Network and Alfa Language Ltd.

Yakub has always been involved with local voluntary and community organisations. His focus has always been to make a positive differences in the community in which he lives.  Yakub's passions in life are his family and the community he represents. 

Yakub has been Deputy Mayor since May 2022.  The long serving councillor has been undertaking Civic Duties and hosted the visit of the Royal Family in summer alongside the Mayor. He was also invited as a chief guest at Lancashire Vintage car show in Avenham and Miller Park.

Yakub had the honour to accompany Councillor Atkins when the Late Sir Ron Atkins (GURU) was awarded the 'Posthumous Honorary Fellowship' at the Graduation Ceremony at University of Central Lancashire during December 2022. 

Yakub has been involved in politics since the age of 10 when he started canvassing and delivering leaflets for his late father, who was a strong supporter and a member of  the late Indira Gandhi's Congress Party.    

Rosemere Cancer, Preston Domestic Violence Services and Emmaus will be Yakub's Mayoral Charities for 2023/2024.  This is in response and a tribute to the fantastic work done by these organisations for the people of Preston.

Deputy Mayor of Preston

The Deputy Mayor of Preston is Councillor Phil Crowe.


Section 3(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 specifically provides that the Mayor shall have precedence in the district, but not so as prejudicially to affect his Majesty's royal prerogative.

Within the City of Preston, therefore, the Mayor must be given precedence over all except his Majesty the King, members of the Royal Family (i.e. Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses of the Blood Royal, styled "His Royal Highness") and His Majesty's representatives when acting in their official capacities and directly representing the Crown (viz. Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for the County of Lancashire, and, in certain circumstances, the High Sheriff for the County of Lancashire).

Accordingly, the place reserved for the Mayor must be on the immediate right of the Chairman or other person presiding at any occasion except when one of the persons to whom the Mayor yields precedence is present.

The Mayor is normally attended by an Officer from whom advice on matters of protocol may be sought.

What is the correct way of addressing the Mayor?

If you are introducing the Mayor it is "The right Worshipful the Mayor of Preston" and if you are addressing the Mayor it is "Mr Mayor".  

If the Mayor's partner is a woman, she is known as the Mayoress. If the Mayor's partner is a man, he is called the Mayor's Consort.

Will the Mayor attend my event or function?

The Mayor's ceremonial role is to represent the city at annual events such as the Remembrance Day service and Holocaust Memorial Day, as well as high-profile engagements.

The Mayor's diary includes more than 500 appointments throughout the year and is organised by the council's Mayoral Officer.

To invite the Mayor to a function please complete our Invite the Mayor online form and a member of the team will be in touch. 

Invite the Mayor to your event

The Mayoral chains

When attending official appointments, the Mayor wears the Mayoral chains which were designed by Alfred Gilbert A.R.A and under went various modifications from the original model and was finally presented to the then Mayor, James Burrow, on 3 November, 1888.

The mayoral chains and badge are an important tradition, having been commissioned to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887 at a cost of £800.

The Civic Regalia, which includes the mayoral robes and chains, precede the Mayor on formal Civic occasions such as the Judges Service.  

See our Civic regalia section for more information on Preston's long and distinguished history regarding the insignia.

Honorary Freemen / Honorary Freewoman

To be granted the title of Honorary Freeman / Honorary Freewoman is a mark of distinction upon the person whom the Council wishes to honour. The Freedom itself carries no privilege and is purely an honour, reflecting the eminence of the person on whom it is conferred or as recognition of significant and valuable services rendered to the borough by that person.

The ceremony for the admitting of an Honorary Freeman is a very formal occasion, with the act providing a special meeting of the Council. This must be convened with the specific object of passing the resolution to Honorary Freedom - one of the highest honours that the Council of a City or Borough can bestow.

The resolution should be passed by not less than two thirds of the members present.

The procedure should be carried out with the utmost formality and the Honorary Freeman / Honorary Freewoman Elect is invited to the Council Meeting and placed on the right hand of the Mayor.

For a list of Freeman / Freewoman of Preston and more information please see our Honorary Freemen/ Freewoman page.

Honorary Aldermen of the City

Essentially, the offer of appointment to Honorary Alderman / Honorary Alderwoman may only be considered in respect of former Members having a minimum of 15 years service. Any former Member who qualifies will then be considered by the Honours Task Group established to consider whether that person meets the criteria.

Aldermen constituted one-quarter of a Council except in the Greater London Council and the London Boroughs where the proportion was one-sixth.

For information on the Honorary Alderman / Honorary Alder woman and a full list of former members of the Council please see our Honorary Aldermen of the City of Preston page.

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