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Confirmation of Voter Registration 2024

All properties will shortly be receiving a form or email to ask the occupant to confirm who is resident at the property for voting purposes. Please check the details when you receive this and respond online if appropriate.

Flag flying policy


Our flag flying policy sets out the days on which the flags can be flown on a council building.

  • The Union Flag will be flown on all days with the exception of those dates listed at Section 2 of the policy
  • The Rainbow Flag will fly every year in support of the Pride Movement and to demonstrate the council's commitment to equality and the inclusion of all its citizens
  • The Guild City Flag will fly above the Town Hall entrance
  • The Commonwealth Flag will fly on the second Monday of March each year in support of Commonwealth Day
  • The Armed Forces Flag will fly for one week every year in support of the nation's armed forces.  The date each year to coincide with armed forces week
  • The St. George's Day Flag will fly on 23 April
  • The Lancashire Day Flag will be flown on 27 November each year

The Cabinet Member for Community and the Environment will consider and determine any request to fly a flag on the Town Hall, which is not listed in the Policy.

For more information please see the flag flying policy in the downloads section.

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