Our flag flying policy sets out the days on which the flags can be flown on a council building.

  • The Union Flag will be flown on all days with the exception of those dates listed at Section 2 of the policy
  • The Rainbow Flag will fly every year in support of the Pride Movement and to demonstrate the council's commitment to equality and the inclusion of all its citizens
  • The Guild City Flag will fly above the Town Hall entrance
  • The Commonwealth Flag will fly on the second Monday of March each year in support of Commonwealth Day
  • The Armed Forces Flag will fly for one week every year in support of the nation's armed forces.  The date each year to coincide with armed forces week
  • The St. George's Day Flag will fly on 23 April
  • The Lancashire Day Flag will be flown on 27 November each year

The Cabinet Member for Community and the Environment will consider and determine any request to fly a flag on the Town Hall, which is not listed in the Policy.

For more information please see the flag flying policy in the downloads section.