We have 48 councillors divided into 16 wards. All councillors are elected by registered voters in their wards.

The different ward areas can be found on the Icon for pdf Ward map for Preston [1.37MB].

You can also download the Icon for pdf political history composition of the Council [93.79KB] and the Icon for pdf Councillors Wall Chart for 2019/20 [1.79MB]

Councillor Search

To find out contact details for our councillors please see our councillor search.

You can use the councillor search tool to find out the following information:

  • Councillor search (by ward, political party or alphabetically) *
  • Councillor contact details
  • How to make a councillor complaint
  • Councillor attendance summary

Please Note: If you do not know your ward, then you can find out by entering your postcode into our About My Area tool.

Councillors have regular contact with the public through either Committee meetings, telephone calls or surgeries.

Councillor surgeries provide an opportunity for you to talk to your councillor face to face. 

Your Councillor may share information about you, details can be found in the Icon for pdf Councillors privacy notice [53.34KB].

The Role of a Councillor

Councillors decide which policies we should take forward and ensure that they are carried out. These decisions are made at Committee meetings. They also monitor services to make sure that they are delivered well and offer value for money to taxpayers.

A local councillor covers a ward area and is there to represent the views of local people. They also assist people in need or help people to access public services. Councillors also help with local campaigns and work in the best interests of the city and their local neighbourhood.

Councillors are not paid but receive an allowance to help them in their work. Details of all allowances paid can be found on the Councillor allowances page.

Councillor allowances
Details of the scheme of allowances for elected Councillors for 2019/20.