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View your Council Tax account online

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To securely view your Council Tax online, you must:

Sign up for a self serve account

What Council Tax information can I view?

  • view amount, see how your bill has been calculated and your outstanding balance
  • find out when your payment is due
  • view copies of correspondences we have sent you
  • sign up for direct debit
  • search for your Council Tax band
  • report a change of address

Please note: this service is available 24 hours a day and updated regularly for up to date account information.

How to register as a new customers

  1. Press the button 'Register Now' where you will be instructed to enter your details 
  2. Select 'Council Tax and any other options that relate to you, from the recommendations list
  3. You will then be sent a confirmation email, to activate your account
  4. To access Council Tax information you will require your Council Tax reference number.

*Please note: if you do not answer the security questions successfully, you will be sent a PIN by post, which you will need to complete your registration.

What will I need?

  • Council Tax reference number (found on your Council Tax bill)
  • Date Council Tax instalment is due
  • Amount of last Council Tax payment made

Subscribing to other services

You can also set up access to view your Housing Benefits, Business Rates and view your tenant's details online.

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