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Obstructive parking


If a vehicle is causing an obstruction or is parked dangerously you need to report this to the Police.

Please note: we are unable to remove any vehicle considered to be causing an obstruction of any sort.

Types of obstructive parking issues

The police deal with the following types of parking issues:

  • double white lines
  • obstruction, this may include pavement parking
  • dangerous parking, this may include pavement parking
  • bends
  • brows of hills
  • dropped kerb access
  • parking within 10m of junctions
  • double parking
  • one-way traffic
  • box junctions
  • access only (unless access to premises is required)
  • white hatched areas
  • pedestrian crossings

Report an obstructive parking issue

To report an obstructive parking issue contact:

Lancashire Police - report a crime or incident

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