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Contaminated land

Toxic symbol

Contaminated land is land that is polluted by the following:

  • heavy metals, e.g. arsenic, cadmium and lead
  • oils and tars
  • chemical substances and preparations, e.g. solvents
  • gases
  • asbestos
  • radioactive substances 

Our responsibility

We have responsibility for regulating most land within our area, however effective working partnerships will always be needed. This means working with:

  • Developers and planners (to ensure land is both suitable and safe for use)
  • Industry managers (to clean up their own land and reduce future potential)
  • Land owners and past polluters (to ensure that issues are dealt with openly and honestly)
  • Other statutory authorities such as the Environment Agency, English Nature, English Heritage and the Food Standards Agency
  • Local residents who may be able to supply valuable historical knowledge of local sites 

Contaminated Land Register

We are required to keep and maintain a Contaminated Land Register for the area of Preston.

Sites identified as contaminated will only be added to the register where remediation by the appropriate person or third party cannot be agreed.

The register is not a list of sites that are, have been, or may be contaminated. The register shows enforcement action which has been taken by us in relation to the 'clean up' of contaminated land.

Please note: there are currently no entries on the Contaminated Land Register.

View the contaminated land register

Reporting contaminated land

If you think a certain area of land may be contaminated you can report it to us by email at or by telephone on 01772 906907.

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