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Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)

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Purpose of Public Spaces Protection Orders for the gating of alley ways

The purpose of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is to reduce the occurrence and recurrence of criminal and anti-social activities and they can be applied to alleyways to enable them to be closed off by gates which are locked.

The Public Spaces Protection Orders prohibit persons from being 'in' the restricted area at all times, subject to exemptions for residents of adjoining properties, emergency, and statutory services.

Alternative routes for pedestrians are available through the adjoining street network.

Update on Public Spaces Protection Orders

The Cabinet approved on Wednesday 11 October 2023 the extension of the Public Spaces Protection Orders for a further 3 years, ending on 19 October 2026.

Why we consult with the community?

The consultation has now closed.

Public Spaces Protection Orders can be introduced by the Council for a maximum of three years after which they must be reviewed.

The current PSPOs was made for the city's alleygating schemes in October 2020 and the Council will now consider whether PSPOs should be made for a further three years, until October 2026.

The Council must review each of the Public Spaces Protection Orders for the existing schemes before deciding upon whether further orders should be made. The community has been consulted on whether further PSPOs should be made to enable locked gates to remain in place.

The making of the Public Spaces Protection Orders will impose restrictions on persons having access to the gated alleyways. There will be exceptions for statutory and emergency services and owners and occupiers of properties adjoining or adjacent to the alleyways. There are alternative routes provided in each locality being considered.

Details of the original gating orders made under the Highways Act 1980 can be viewed by visiting the alley-gates in Preston page.

Following a change in legislation the alley-gating schemes became subject to Public Spaces Protection Orders under the provisions of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 ("2014 Act").

View Alley Gate orders in Preston

How do I take part in the consultation?

The consultation has now closed.

The alley-gates in Preston are shown on a series of maps which can be viewed by visiting the alley-gates in Preston page.

Alley Gates

View the Alley Gates in Preston.

Public Spaces Protection Order for the City Centre consultation

Have your say on the proposed PSPO in Preston City Centre.

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