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The law classes shisha smoking the same as cigarette smoking. It is illegal to smoke shisha in an enclosed public space, or a space that's mostly-enclosed. To smoke in any public premises with a roof, at least half the wall space must be open.

Shisha is usually a tobacco product which is often mixed with fruit shavings and molasses to give it a sweet smell and taste.

The shisha is placed in an ornate water pipe and inhaled through a tube. Shisha is also known as hubbly bubbly, nargile pipe, hookah and shisha.

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What are the health effects of Shisha smoking

Shisha usually contains tobacco, therefore the health effects are similar to that of smoking cigarettes.

The World Health Organisation (2005) warns that one hour of smoking Shisha is the equivalent of inhaling up to 200 times the volume of smoke in one cigarette.

Even tobacco free shisha is not a safe alternative, smokers can inhale dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other toxins which are known to cause mouth cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems.

Second hand shisha smoke also poses a serious health risk.

It is also important that shisha mouth pieces are not shared in order to avoid potential spread of diseases such as Tuberculosis.

I need help to quit

There is plenty of help for people who wish to give up smoking either shisha, cigarettes or other tobacco products, in the Preston area.

Quit squad operate throughout the Central Lancashire area and run support groups in your community.

For more information on free sessions in your area please call 0800 328 6297 or visit Quit Squad and register your details and one of the team will contact you.

Shisha common misconceptions

The water filters the smoke:

The water does not filter the smoke, it simply cools it slightly causing it to burn less.

Shisha is not addictive:

Shisha that contains tobacco also contains nicotine, this is addictive, just like cigarettes.

Shisha is not harmful:

There is strong evidence to suggest that shisha is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

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