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Councillors Appointments 2022/23

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The Annual Council meeting held on 19 May 2022 made the following appointments for the 2022/23 Municipal Year:-

(i) Councillor Neil Darby as Mayor

(ii) Councillor Yakub Patel as Deputy Mayor

(iii) Councillor Matthew Brown as Leader of the Council

(iv) Membership of Council Committees and Sub-Committees, including those appointments to Chair and Vice-Chair of such Committees and Sub-Committees can be found here.

The Leader of the Council has confirmed the Members to which he has appointed to the Executive, and he presented them to the Annual Council meeting on 19 May 2022, as follows:-

(i) Councillor Martyn Rawlinson - Cabinet Member for Resources and Deputy Leader of the Council

(ii) Councillor Peter Kelly - Cabinet Member for Culture and Arts

(iii) Councillor Nweeda Khan - Cabinet Member for Communities and Social Justice

(iv) Councillor Freddie Bailey - Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building

(v) Councillor David Borrow - Planning and Regulation

(vi) Councillor Jennifer Mein - Health and Wellbeing

(vii) Councillor Carol Henshaw - Climate Change

(viii) Councillor Salim Desai - Service Transformation

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