Friends of the Park are community groups made up of people who have an interest in our Parks and how they are managed.

What do they do?

Friends of the Park groups work in partnership with us to maintain our parks to a high standard and continue to develop to meet the needs of the community.

The groups help with park related projects, organise community events, contribute to management decisions and help raise funding for improvements and new facilities.

Who can join?

Anyone can join and give as much or as little time as they want to help maintain our parks to a high standard.

Which parks have groups?

The following parks have Friend of the Park groups:

  • Ashton Park
  • Avenham and Miller Park
  • Grimsargh Green
  • Haslam Park
  • Highgate Wood
  • Moor Park
  • Winkley Square

For more information on local residential action groups contact

How to become a member

You can become a member of a Friends of the Park through the following ways:

How to set up a group

1. Find out if a group already exists in the areas you are interested in.

2. Find likeminded people who want to become involved in the voluntary group.

3. Advertise an informal meeting for interested parties and get as much interest as possible. This could include council representatives, councillors, community leaders etc.

4. If there is enough interest then start up your group using guidance from our Icon for pdf Friends of Park Groups Start Up Pack [575.49KB].

Follow on social media

Keep up to date with news, events and meeting details by following the Friend of the Park groups on social media:

Map addresses for parks in Preston

Ashton Park, Pedders Ln, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 1HL
Avenham Park, South Meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JT
Haslam Park, Bristow Avenue, Ashton, Preston, PR2 1JE
Highgate Wood, Savick Brook
Moor Park, Preston, PR1 6AS
Ribbleton Park, Off New Hall Lane, Preston, PR1 5XE
Grange Park, Mitton Drive, Ribbleton, Preston, PR2 6EN
Winkley Square Gardens, Preston, PR1 3JJ