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The planning application process

Pen and paper

How to apply

We welcome the opportunity to discuss proposals with you before you submit your planning application.

We offer planning advice to try and identify if you need planning permission, and if your proposed changes are minor or major developments.

Our do i need planning permission page will also help determine whether you need to apply for planning permission or not.  

Making a planning application

We recommend you apply for planning permission through the Planning Portal website.

Apply for Planning Permission  

Alternatively, you can download the relevant form from the Planning Portals forms page and post it to us.  

Customer Notice: The Planning Portal have now introduced a £20 fee for using their services. 

Additional forms for all applications

There are additional forms which may be required:

  • Notice to be served on individuals
  • Declaration of relationship with the council

Notices are related to the type of ownership certificate completed on your application forms. Where required, these should be served on owners/tenants.

To safeguard probity applicants/agents must declare their relationship with the council. Before sending your application, you must read the validation checklist (found below) and notes for completing the forms.

Most planning applications require a design and access statement (see design and access guidance notes). We can not register your application if you do not provide all the necessary information.

If you are doing or having construction and building work carried out, you will have health and safety responsibilities to consider before starting work. 

The Health and Safety Executive provides more information on this topic.

The guidance notes and application forms found in the documents section on this page are additional forms which are not on the Planning Portal and apply to all planning applications.  

Amendment to existing planning permission

Complete the Planning Portals online form for an application for a non-material amendment or amendments following a grant to an existing planning permission.

Apply for non-material amendments

If an application made on this form is successful, the result will be an amendment to the original planning permission. No new planning permission is created.

Listed building and conservation area consents are not covered by this procedure.

Application requirements

Every planning application needs a site location plan and block plan showing the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on. 

You can use the Planning Portal's buy a plan service to ensure that you meet our requirements, whether you are a planning professional or first-time applicant.

The validation checklist

The validation checklist applies to all applications and covers:

  • helps you to understand the type and extent of information that will be required
  • provides greater certainty
  • enables us to have all the information we need in order to determine the application, draft the planning permission and word any planning conditions required
  • minimises the risk that we will have to go back to you for more information which can result in unnecessary delays

Icon for pdf The validation checklist [243.94KB] includes a national list of mandatory information that must be submitted with every planning application and a Icon for pdf local list of our own requirements [57.51KB].

You must refer to both the sets of requirements before formally submitting an application.

There is a shortened version of the Icon for pdf Validation checklist for households [174.36KB] which should be referred to if you intend to apply for planning permission for works to a domestic property.

There are also a set of check sheets which will help you identify what information will be required for the different application types.


We cannot accept payment by cash for planning applications. This includes discharge of condition requests and pre-application advice.

Your planning application must be accompanied by the correct fee. You can find a schedule of fees for planning applications in the documents section on this page.

You can use the Planning Portal fee calculator to work out how much you will need to pay.

You can make an online payment by credit or debit card when you submit a planning application via the Planning Portal.

Please note: The Planning Portal is now charging to submit your application via their website, which can be done at the time of submission. The Planning Portal will not release your application to us until this payment is made in full.  

For more information see the Planning Portal - What it costs? or download the Icon for pdf the Planning application fees document [101.12KB]

Getting help and advice

The Planning Portal website has lots of useful advice on whether you need to apply for Planning Permission and Planning advice on submitting an application.

How we use your information

We will use your information in order to process your planning application in a manner compatible with the Data Protection Act.

Any disclosures or sharing of information will only take place where required or permitted by law. For further information please visit our Privacy Notice page.

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