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Full variation - premises licence or club premises certificate


You must make a full variation to your premises licence or club premises certificate if you are looking to make significant changes to your licence or certificate.

Changes could include:

  • Varying hours the licensable activity takes place
  • Adding licensable activities
  • Amending, adding or removing conditions within a licence
  • Altering any aspect of the layout of the premises which is shown on the plan

Depending on the changes it may be possible for you to submit a minor variation premises licence or club premises certificate or a designated premises supervisor variation premises licence.

How much is a full variation licence or certificate?

Please visit alcohol and entertainment licence fees for exact costings.

Alcohol and entertainment licence fees

How to apply

You can apply to vary a premises licence or club premises certificate through the following online forms:

GOV.UK - full variation application form (premises licence)


GOV.UK - full variation application form (club premises certificate)

You can also download a copy of the Icon for pdf full variation application form (premises licence) [302.92KB] and/or a Icon for pdf full variation application form (club premises certificate) [294.1KB].

What do I need to include?

You will need to include a copy of the following:

  • Premises plan (only required if the variation includes changes to the internal layout of the premises)

What happens next?

A copy of your application must also be sent to the 9 responsible authorities. We will do this on your behalf if the application is submitted electronically. If you have submitted a postal application, you will need to send a copy to those responsible authorities yourself.

You must also advertise your application in a noticeable location at the premises within a day and the local newspaper within 10 working days.

For an example layout, please download, Icon for pdf application advertisement notice example [30.74KB].

Consultation period

There will be a consultation period of 28 days starting the day after we have received your application.

This time allows objections to be made from the following responsible authorities:

  • Police
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • Environmental Health
  • Planning
  • Child Protection
  • Trading Standards
  • LCC Public Health Licensing
  • Home Office (Immigration Enforcement)

Objection criteria

Objections must be based on the variation not promoting one or more of the following licensing objectives:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • protection of children from harm

If no objections are received during this time, your variation will be granted the day after the end of the consultation period. You will receive your updated licence within 10 working days.


If objections are made against the application, a hearing will be held within 20 working days from the end of the consultation period.

The decision to grant or refuse the application will be decided by the Licensing Sub Committee.

If a hearing is held the licence can be:

  • Granted
  • Granted subject to additional conditions
  • Refused

A decision is usually made at the end of hearing. We will inform you once a decision has been made, along with the person who made the objection and the chief of police.


Anyone involved with the hearing can appeal an application if it is refused.

Appeals must be made to a Magistrates court within 21 days of the decision being made.

Transfer a licence

If you wish to take over a premises licence, you must make an application to transfer a premises licence.


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