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Week 6 - 10.05.2024


Planning applications registered between 3 May 2024 and 10 May 2024.

Committee Call-in Deadline Date: Week 6 - 31 May 2024.

Application 06/2024/0250

View application details for 06/2024/0250

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 43 St Vincents Road, Preston, PR2 8YX

Proposal - Two storey front extension, first floor extension to garage, front porch, single storey side and rear extensions, following demolition of conservatory

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 9 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0350

View application details for 06/2024/0350

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Wrennalls Farm, 744, Garstang Road, Preston, PR3 5AA

Proposal - 7no. dwellings together with access improvements and associated landscaping following demolition of an existing dwelling and outbuildings

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 9 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0367

View application details for 06/2024/0367

Ward - Fishwick & Frenchwood

Location - 10, Malvern Avenue, Preston, PR1 4PN

Proposal - Front porch, two storey side extension following demolition of existing garage, and replacement single storey rear extension

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 10 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0387

View application details for 06/2024/0387

Ward - Cadley

Location - Parr Lodge, Walker Lane, Preston, PR2 7AP

Proposal - Raising of the roof to create a two-storey dwelling with cross-gabled roof, and detached garage with office space above

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 9 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0407

View application details for 06/2024/0407

Ward - Plungington

Location - 107, Garstang Road, Preston, PR1 1LD

Proposal - Change of use from offices (Class E) to 10no. residential apartments (Class C3) including internal remodelling and three storey extension to side and rear (pursuant to 06/2022/0799 to seek variation of condition no.1 approved plans)

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 9 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0409

View application details for 06/2024/0409

Ward - City Centre

Location - 30, West Cliff, Preston, PR1 8HU

Proposal - Change of use from residential (Class C3) to a 7no. bed house in multiple occupation (Sui Generis), attached shed with solar panels to rear (retrospective)

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 3 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0414

View application details for 06/2024/0414

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Broughton And District Club, Whittingham Lane, Preston, PR3 5DA

Proposal - Use of land for 2no. PADEL Courts with associated outer fencing, earthworks landscaping and additional car parking

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 3 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0423

View application details for 06/2024/0423

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Field adjacent, Eaves Green House Farm, Eaves Green Lane, Preston, PR3 2FE

Proposal - 1no. agricultural livestock building

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 30 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0427

View application details for 06/2024/0427

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - 1B, Kings Drive, Preston, PR2 3HN

Proposal - Single storey rear and side extension, conversion of existing garage to granny annex, Including widening of existing access re-surfacing of frontage, installation of railings and gate with associated gate posts

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 7 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0441

View application details for 06/2024/0441

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - 8, Gosan Road, Preston, PR3 2FT

Proposal - Ancillary annexe to rear

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 29 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0442

View application details for 06/2024/0442

Ward - City Centre

Location - 32, Christ Church Street, Preston, PR1 8PJ

Proposal - Change of use from residential (Class C3) to a 3no. bed house in multiple occupancy (Class C4)

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 8 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0443

View application details for 06/2024/0443

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Barnsfold House, Stoney Lane, Preston, PR3 2WH

Proposal - Greenhouse to rear

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 29 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0444

View application details for 06/2024/0444

Ward - Lea & Larches

Location - 2, Westleigh Road, Preston, PR2 1NP

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey side extension

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 30 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0445

View application details for 06/2024/0445

Ward - Ingol & Cottam

Location - Sidgreaves Lane, Lea Road and Lancaster Canal - Cottam Hall, Lea, Preston

Proposal - Amendment to planning permission 06/2021/1022 comprising of removal of the block paved areas, increasing the main roads from 5m to 5.5m, reducing the public footpaths down to 1.75m and removing the raised tables (non-material amendment not subject to consultation)

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 30 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0446

View application details for 06/2024/0446

Ward - Ingol & Cottam

Location - Sidgreaves Lane, Lea Road and Lancaster Canal - Cottam Hall, Lea, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.7 (Energy efficiency) attached to planning permission 06/2016/0046

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 29 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0448

View application details for 06/2024/0448

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Woodtop Farm, Preston Road, Preston, PR2 5JS

Proposal - Permission in principle for up to 4no. dwellings

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 30 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0456

View application details for 06/2024/0456

Ward - City Centre

Location - Avenham Park Inn, 24 Avenham Lane, Preston, PR1 3TS

Proposal - Change of use of offices (Class E) to 4no. one bedroom apartments (Class C3)

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 1 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0457

View application details for 06/2024/0457

Ward - Garrison

Location - 76, Watling Street Road, Preston, PR2 8BP

Proposal - Repaving of the driveway, replacement UPVC Anthracite windows to front elevation, rebuild of the boundary wall and pillars and widening of the vehicular access

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 1 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0465

View application details for 06/2024/0465

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land South of Guild Park, Whittingham, Preston, PR3 2JH

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.7 (Bat Survey) attached to planning permission 06/2023/1189

Case Officer - Patrick Marfleet on 7 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0470

View application details for 06/2024/0470

Ward - City Centre

Location - Lancashire House, 24 Winckley Square, Preston, PR1 3AY

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Noise) attached to prior notification 06/2021/0875

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 7 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0471

View application details for 06/2024/0471

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land to rear of 24 and 26 Salisbury Avenue, Preston, PR2 5LF

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.9 (Site Investigation Method Statement) and no.10 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission 06/2023/1312

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 8 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0472

View application details for 06/2024/0472

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Preston East Employment Area, Bluebell Way, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 5PZ

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.12 (Energy efficiency) attached to planning permission 06/2021/1521

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 7 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0475

View application details for 06/2024/0475

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - D12 Red Scar Industrial Estate, Longridge Road, Preston, PR2 5NQ

Proposal - Additional of a covered bay to store waste (Article 24 consultation)

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 8 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0480

View application details for 06/2024/0480

Ward - Preston Rural East, Preston Rural North

Location - Land opposite Swainson House Farm, Goosnargh Lane, Preston, PR3 2JU

Proposal - Discharge of conditions 10 (Landscape and Ecological Management Plan), 14 (Construction Management Plan) and 17 (Street Management and Maintenance) attached to outline permission 06/2018/1356

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 8 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0481

View application details for 06/2024/0481

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land at Swainson Farm, Goosnargh Lane, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of conditions 9 (Landscape and Ecological Management Plan), 11 (Landscaping/Trees), 13 (Street Phasing and Completion Plan), 14 (Construction and Environmental Management Plan), 15 (Employment and Skills Plan) and 20 (Street Management and Maintenance) attached to outline permission 06/2019/0773 (APP/N2345/W/20/3258896)

Case Officer - Lucy Henwood on 8 May 2024

Application 06/2024/0483

View application details for 06/2024/0483

Ward - Garrison

Location - 41, Lower Bank Road, Preston, PR2 8NT

Proposal - Fell and remove 1no. tree

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 9 May 2024

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