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Week 2 - 12.04.2024


Planning applications registered between 5 April 2024 and 12 April 2024.

Committee Call-in Deadline Date: Week 2 - 3 May 2024.

Application 06/2024/0228

View application details for 06/2024/0228

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 25A, Croftgate, Preston, PR2 8LS

Proposal - Extension of single storey rear extension, pitched roof to replace flat roof to side and rear extension, external alterations, single storey detached garage to side, steps, play area and raised deck to rear garden areas (Part retrospective)

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 9 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0257

View application details for 06/2024/0257

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 9, Langport Close, Preston, PR2 9FE

Proposal - First floor extension to front, single storey extension to rear, and installation of first floor window in south side elevation of existing dwelling

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 8 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0269

View application details for 06/2024/0269

Ward - Ingol & Cottam

Location - The Meadows, Miller Lane, Cottam, Preston, PR4 0ND

Proposal - Alterations to front elevation comprising hip to gable extensions, new bay windows to ground floor, balcony and new windows at first floor and other external alterations

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 10 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0307

View application details for 06/2024/0307

Ward - Garrison

Location - 8 Redsands Drive, Preston, PR2 9AH

Proposal - Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed use of the existing dwellinghouse (Class C3) as a younger persons care home (Class C2)

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 10 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0315

View application details for 06/2024/0315

Ward - Ribbleton

Location - Tustin House, Red Scar Industrial Estate, Longridge Road, Preston, PR2 5NE

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Construction and environmental management plan), no.4 (Surface water sustainable drainage strategy), no.5 (Construction surface water management plan), no.8 (Electric vehicle charging points), no.9 (Bird and bat boxes), no.10 (Land contamination), no.11 (Surface water drainage), and no.12 (Surface water drainage) attached to planning permission 06/2023/0778

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 27 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0324

View application details for 06/2024/0324

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Lower Barker Farm, Button Street, Preston, PR3 2LH

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed 1m increase in depth to existing slurry lagoon

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 5 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0329

View application details for 06/2024/0329

Ward - City Centre

Location - 11, St Wilfrid Street, Preston, PR1 2US

Proposal - Prior notification submission for change of use from offices (Class E) to 2no. self-contained flats (Class C3) including external alterations

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0331

View application details for 06/2024/0331

Ward - Lea & Larches

Location - Land at West Park Avenue, Preston, PR2 1UH

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.7 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission 06/2023/0082

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0332

View application details for 06/2024/0332

Ward - Lea & Larches

Location - Land bounded by Ainsdale Drive, Staveley Place and Heywood Road, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Gas protection measures) attached to planning permission 06/2023/0081

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0333

View application details for 06/2024/0333

Ward - Lea & Larches

Location - Land bounded by Ainsdale Drive, Staveley Place and Heywood Road, Preston

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Gas protection measures) attached to variation of condition application 06/2023/0080

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0335

View application details for 06/2024/0335

Ward - Ashton, Lea & Larches

Location - Trax Motor Sport, Wallend Road, Preston, PR2 2HW

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.4 (Construction environmental management plan), no.5 (Foul water treatment plant), no.6 (Employment and skills plan), no.7 (Invasive species), no.8 (Highways), no.9 (Surface water drainage), no.10 (Surface water and pollution prevention) and no.11 (Land contamination) attached to variation of condition application 06/2022/1450

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0339

View application details for 06/2024/0339

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 292, Garstang Road, Preston, PR2 9RQ

Proposal - Single storey side/rear extension, and alterations to the elevations and car park

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 10 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0340

View application details for 06/2024/0340

Ward - Brookfield

Location - 102-110, Blackpool Road, Preston, PR2 6BX

Proposal - Erection of 2no. retail units (floor area 3,716sqms) (following demolition of existing retail unit) and construction of additional pedestrian access onto Blackpool Road (pursuant to 06/2004/1156 to seek variation of condition no.2 Goods restriction)

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0341

View application details for 06/2024/0341

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - 32A, Preston Neuro Rehabilitation Unit Sharoe Green House, Watling Street Road, Preston, PR2 8DY

Proposal - Discharge of conditions no.2 (Tree protection) attached to reserved matters approval 06/2023/1085

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0343

View application details for 06/2024/0343

Ward - Garrison

Location - Preston Golf Club, Fulwood Hall Lane, Preston, PR2 8DD

Proposal - 10no. dwellings and associated works (pursuant to 06/2020/0119 to seek variation of condition no.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 9 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0344

View application details for 06/2024/0344

Ward - Preston Rural East & Ribbleton

Location - Land at, Roman Road Farm, Roman Way, Preston, PR2 5SB

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.3 (Surface water drainage), no.4 (Construction surface water management plan), no.5 (Archaeology), no.6 (Construction and environmental management plan), no.7 (Asbestos management plan), no.8 (Gas protection measures), no.9 (Natural England license), no.11 (Mammals and amphibians) and no.12 (Bird and bats mitigation and enhancement strategy) attached to planning permission 06/2023/0823

Case Officer - James Mercer on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0345

View application details for 06/2024/0345

Ward - Preston Rural East, Ribbleton

Location - Land at, Roman Road Farm, Roman Way, Preston, PR2 5SB

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.10 (Archaeology), no. 15 (Asbestos management plan), no.18 (Natural England license), and no.20 (Mammals and amphibians) attached to outline permission 06/2022/0745

Case Officer - James Mercer on 11 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0357

View application details for 06/2024/0357

Ward - Garrison

Location - Garrison Hotel 193, Watling Street Road, Preston, PR2 8AE

Proposal - 3no. non-illuminated signs

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 4 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0364

View application details for 06/2024/0364

Ward - Garrison

Location - Fulwood Lodge, Longsands Lane, Preston, PR2 9PS

Proposal - Remove deadwood and crown raise above public highway to 5.5m 1no. Sycamore tree (T1), remove deadwood and crown raise above public highway to 5.5m 3no. Horse Chestnut trees (T2, T3 and T4) and remove deadwood 1no. Pine tree (T5)

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 12 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0365

View application details for 06/2024/0365

Ward - City Centre

Location - 5a, Latham Street, Preston, PR1 3TE

Proposal - Fell and stump grind 1no. Goat Willow tree (T1)

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 5 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0368

View application details for 06/2024/0368

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - Land at Elston Park, Elston Lane, Grimsargh, Preston, PR2 5LE

Proposal - Various tree works to 1no. Common Oak tree (1T), 7no. Ash trees (10T, 12T, 20T, 54T, 54aT, 57T and 58T), 1no. Sycamore tree (21T), 1no. Lime tree (41T), 2no. Beech trees (48T and 50T) and Woodland Group (53W)

Case Officer - Dawn Wilson on 5 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0380

View application details for 06/2024/0380

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Land adjacent to, Junction 2, M55 Motorway, Preston

Proposal - Request for a screening opinion Pursuant to Regulation 6 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England) Regulations 2017 for proposed development of a Motorway Services Area

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 10 April 2024

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