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Week 1 - 05.04.2024


Planning applications registered between 28 March 2024 and 5 April 2024.

Committee Call-in Deadline Date: Week 1 - 26 April 2024.

Application 06/2024/0138

View application details for 06/2024/0138

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - St Marys And St Andrews Primary School, Station Lane, Preston, PR3 5DY

Proposal - New main entrance and canopy, single storey extension and partial demolition and rebuild of retaining wall

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0270

View application details for 06/2024/0270

Ward - Greyfriars

Location - St Cuthberts Vicarage 20, Black Bull Lane, Preston, PR2 3PX

Proposal - Annex ancillary to main use of the approved dwelling, replacing the new outbuilding approved under planning permission 06/2022/1381

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 4 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0287

View application details for 06/2024/0287

Ward - Preston Rural East

Location - 13, Shearwater Drive, Preston, PR2 9AX

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed conservatory

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 5 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0292

View application details for 06/2024/0292

Ward - Deepdale

Location - J Sainsbury Supermarket, Flintoff Way, Preston, PR1 6PJ

Proposal - 10no. non-illuminated fascia signs and 3no. internally illuminated fascia signs

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 2 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0295

View application details for 06/2024/0295

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Moorcroft , Moorside Lane, Preston, PR4 0TB

Proposal - Single storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory

Case Officer - Katie Wright on 5 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0300

View application details for 06/2024/0300

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - Block A, Royal Preston Hospital, Sharoe Green Lane, Preston, PR2 9HT

Proposal - Air handling unit to roof with associated ductwork and guarding

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 3 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0303

View application details for 06/2024/0303

Ward - City Centre

Location - Harris Library Museum And Art Gallery, Harris Street, Preston, PR1 2PP

Proposal - Listed Building Consent for internal alterations comprising new kitchen lift to serve 2no. levels, repairs to stonework, lower roof gantry, new and upgraded risers, additional fire rated doors, new boiler flue and route, and exhibition and Installation fixings (part retrospective)

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 2 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0306

View application details for 06/2024/0306

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - Archbishop Temple C Of E Secondary School, St Vincents Road, Preston, PR2 8RA

Proposal - Listed building consent for external and internal alterations to form an additional dining area, refurbishment of pupil toilets and external terrace

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 3 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0311

View application details for 06/2024/0311

Ward - Fishwick & Frenchwood

Location - Telewest House 2-8, Frenchwood Avenue, Preston, PR1 4QF

Proposal - Partial change of use of office building (Class E) to Vocational Educational Training Centre F1(a)

Case Officer - Megan Stewart on 3 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0312

View application details for 06/2024/0312

Ward - City Centre

Location - Land bounded by Tithebarn Street, Lord Street and Crooked Lane, Preston, PR1 1DN

Proposal - Discharge of Conditions no.3 (Drainage), no.4 (Construction water management plan), no.5 (Drainage statement), no.6 (Archaeology), no.7a (Ground investigation), no.7b (Remediation method statement), no.8 (Construction environment management plan) and no.10 (Materials) attached to planning approval 06/2022/1378

Case Officer - Jonathan Evans on 26 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0314

View application details for 06/2024/0314

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Lawton House Farm, Bartle Lane, Preston, PR4 0RU

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.11 (Drainage) attached to planning permission 06/2022/0772

Case Officer - Laura Holden on 26 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0316

View application details for 06/2024/0316

Ward - Fishwick & Frenchwood

Location - 43, Malvern Avenue, Preston, PR1 4PL

Proposal - Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey outbuilding to rear

Case Officer - Michele Evans on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0334

View application details for 06/2024/0334

Ward - Cadley

Location - 17, Cadley Avenue, Preston, PR2 3LG

Proposal - 1no. dwelling (pursuant to 06/2023/0706 to seek variation of condition no.1 approved plans)

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 28 March 2024

Application 06/2024/0342

View application details for 06/2024/0342

Ward - Preston Rural North

Location - Lightfoot Barn, Lightfoot Lane, Preston, PR4 0AJ

Proposal - Discharge of condition no.2 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission 06/2023/1015

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 2 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0351

View application details for 06/2024/0351

Ward - Sharoe Green

Location - Archbishop Temple C Of E Secondary School, St Vincents Road, Preston, PR2 8RA

Proposal - External and internal alterations to form an additional dining area, refurbishment of pupil toilets and external terrace

Case Officer - Vanessa Cartwright-Bremner on 3 April 2024

Application 06/2024/0355

View application details for 06/2024/0355

Ward - City Centre

Location - Land at, Fishergate Centre, Fishergate, Preston, PR1 8HJ

Proposal - Request for a screening opinion Pursuant to Regulation 6 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England) Regulations 2017 for proposed Office Development

Case Officer - Patrick Marfleet on 3 April 2024

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