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Annual Canvass 2023

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From 7 July 2023 onwards we will be carrying out a canvass of all properties to ensure that we have the correct people registered to vote at each property. We will do this by contacting every address.

How will we be contacting properties?


Forms will be sent out starting from 7 July onwards.  

The forms are addressed to The Occupier.  Some forms are being delivered by our Canvassing Team, others are being delivered by Royal Mail.  Please respond to this form if you receive it.  If you can, please reply online, as some forms do not have a pre-paid envelope with them. 

A little later around 2 September a different type of form will go out to some households who do not need to respond if their details haven't changed. 

Please read your form carefully to see which applies to you.  On either type of form, let us know if there are any changes.


Around 24 July we will be emailing some electors who have previously supplied an email address to us.

The email will be sent from   

The email will guide you on how to respond online to confirm who lives in your household. Please reply online as soon as you can, as this will stop us posting a further form out to you.

An example of this email is below:

Please respond online where possible, as it will help to avoid the need for a canvasser to visit your home.

What if the details are the same?

Please read your form carefully. If the details are the same and you need to reply, you can respond:

Visit Household Response online

You will need the security codes printed on your form.

What if the details are different?

If you need to add or remove or update someone's details you can do this online at Household Response

You will need the security codes which are printed the form.

If you are unable to reply online you can complete the form and post it back to us.

Don't forget to include any 16, 17 or 18 year olds but don't include anyone under 16.

Adding a new person's details?

When a new person is added, providing they are eligible to register to vote, a different registration form will be emailed or posted out.  It will be addressed to them by name or emailed direct.  This asks for further information such as Date of Birth and National Insurance Number.  They will not be on the electoral register until they have successfully completed this application form.  

Don't wait!

You don't have to wait for the form or email, anyone eligible to vote can register today on Gov.UK - Register to Vote. Further information is also available on our Register to Vote page.

Are you a student?

You can register at both your home address and term-time address. Then you're ready to vote at the next election whether you're at home or at University.

The Open Register

There are two versions of the register - the Electoral Register and the Open Register.

If the word 'NO' is printed in the 'Included on the Open Register' column on your form then your details do not appear on the Open Register.

If the word 'YES' is printed in the 'Included on the Open Register' column on your form then your details are on the Open Register.

The Electoral Register is used for elections, preventing and detecting crime, and checking applications for credit.

The Open Register is an extract of the electoral register, but it is not used for elections.

It contains name and postal address details and can be bought by anyone and used for many purposes including commercial activities such as marketing.

You can choose to exclude your details from the open register by choosing to 'opt out'. Removing your details from the open register does not affect your right to vote.

If you are concerned that having your name and address on the register may affect your safety, there could be other options available to you.

To find out more please contact us at or call 01772 906908.

Your Privacy

We will only use the information you give us for electoral purposes. We will look after your personal information securely and we will follow the data protection legislation. 

For more information please refer to the Council's Privacy notice.

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