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D'Urton Lane Public Inquiry

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Decision for Planning Application 06/2021/0431

Application made by Cassidy and Ashton Group LTD - Land at D'Urton Lane, Preston, PR3 5LD.

Download the Inspector's recommendation and summary of the decision for Application 06/2021/0431. (PDF) [1021KB]

Catch up on the Public Inquiry

Please use the links below to re-watch the D'Urton Lane Public Inquiry.

Site address

  • Land south of D'Urton Lane, Broughton, Preston

Planning application

06/2021/0431 - Outline application seeking approval for appearance, layout, scale and access from D'Urton Lane for 1 new place of worship and associated parking facilities (all other matters reserved).

About the inquiry

The Secretary of State has directed, under his powers in Section 77 of the Town and County Planning Act 1990, that the above application shall be referred to him instead of being dealt with by the Local Planning Authority.

The Secretary of State has decided to hold a local inquiry. The inquiry will open at 10am on Tuesday 2 August 2022 and will sit for six days.

Planning Inspectorate contact details

Make sure you include the Planning Inspectorate Reference when emailing the Planning inspector:

Timetable letter for decision

The Inspector's report has been sent to the Secretary of State for consideration.

In accordance with section 55 and Schedule 2 of the Planning and compulsory purchase act 2004, a decision will be issued on or before 30 January 2023.

Download the official timetable letter from the Planning Inspectorate. (PDF) [30KB]

Inspector's Indicative Timetable and the Agenda for the Round Table Session

A. Planning policy documents and other material considerations

A1 - Preston Local Plan - 2012 - 2026

A2 - Appendix A - Preston Local Plan policies map (PDF) [1MB]

A3 - Preston Local Plan Policies Map Key (PDF) [264KB]

A4 - Central Lancashire Core Strategy

A5 - Central Lancashire Design Guide SPD (2012) (PDF) [2MB]

A6 - Broughton Neighbourhood Development Plan (PDF) [8MB]

A7 - North West Preston Masterplan (PDF) [4MB]

B. Inquiry documents

B1 - Applicant Statement of Case (PDF) [459KB]

B2 - Applicant Statement of Case Appendices (PDF) [677KB]

B3 - Appendix CA1 - SoS Holding Direction (PDF) [104KB]

B4 - Appendix CA2 - Call-In Letters (PDF) [315KB]  

B5 - Appendix CA3 - Start Date Letters (PDF) [110KB]  

B6 - Appendix CA4 - Updated Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PDF) [471KB]

B7 - Appendix CA5 - Copy of Approved Schemes at D'Urton Lane - Part 1 (PDF) [6MB]

B7 - Appendix CA5 - Copy of Approved Schemes at D'Urton Lane - Part 2 (PDF) [3MB]

B8 - Appendix CA6 - Planning Policy Context (PDF) [2MB]

B9 - Appendix CA7 - Pre-Application with LCC (PDF) [195KB]

B10 - Appendix CA8 - Growth Lancashire Consultation Response (PDF) [299KB]

B11 - Appendix CA9 - Similar Applications - Part 1 (PDF) [1MB]

B11 - Appendix CA9 - Similar Applications - Part 2 (PDF) [5MB]

B12 - Local Planning Authority Statement of Case (PDF) [244KB]

B13 - Appendix A - Agreed Draft Conditions (PDF) [164KB]

B14 - Appendix B - Agreed Draft Section 106 Obligation (PDF) [206KB]

B15 - Agreed Statement of Common Ground between PCC and CA (PDF) [265KB]

B16 - Rule 6 Party Statement of Case - Broughton Parish Council (PDF) [408KB]

C - Planning application documents and plans

C1 - Application form and ownership certificate (PDF) [1MB]

C2 - Location Plan (PDF) [126KB]

C3 - Site Plan - 1 (PDF) [990KB]

C4 - Site Plan - 2 (PDF) [990KB]

C5 - Elevations (PDF) [4MB]

C6 - Roof Plan (PDF) [138KB]

C7 - Proposed Plans & Elevations (Service Building) (PDF) [3MB]

C8 - Proposed 3D View (1) (PDF) [1MB]

C9 - Proposed 3D View (2) (PDF) [1MB]

C10 - Proposed 3D View (3) (PDF) [1MB]

C11 - Proposed 3D View (Aerial) (PDF) [1MB]

C12 - Proposed Access and Highway Improvements (PDF) [388KB]

C13 - Refuse Vehicle Tracking (PDF) [446KB]

C14 - Arboricultural Impact Assessment (PDF) [2MB]

C15 - Car Park Management Plan (PDF) [1MB]

C16 - Car Park Management Plan Technical Note (PDF) [1MB]

C17 - Design and Access Statement (PDF) [2MB]

C18 - Draft Head of Terms (PDF) [110KB]

C19 - Drainage Strategy (PDF) [2MB]

C20 - Glint and Glare Study (PDF) [4MB]

C21 - Heritage Statement (PDF) [2MB]

C22 - Highways Technical Note (PDF) [2MB]

C23 - Highways Technical Note 2 (PDF) [656KB]

C24 - Highways Technical Note 3 (PDF) [858KB]

C25 - Indicative Surface Water Drainage Proposals (PDF) [251KB]

C26 - Land Contamination Assessment (PDF) [2MB]

C27 - Land Contamination Assessment - Appendix 1 (PDF) [3MB]

C28 - Land Contamination Assessment - Appendix 2A (PDF) [3MB]

C29 - Land Contamination Assessment - Appendix 2B (PDF) [6MB]

C30 - Map of Households Expected to Attend Mosque (PDF) [499KB]

C31 - Map of Housing Developments in North Preston (PDF) [682KB]

C32 - Map of Walking and Driving Catchment Areas (PDF) [508KB]

C33 - Noise Assessment (PDF) [646KB]

C34 - NW SuDS Pro-forma - D'urton Lane, Preston (PDF) [306KB]

C35 - Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PDF) [497KB]

C36 - Statement of public benefit (PDF) [903KB]

C37 - Table of UK Mosques (PDF) [434KB]

C38 - Transport Assessment (PDF) [3MB]

C39 - Travel Plan (PDF) [1MB]

C40 - Tree Constraints Data (PDF) [2MB]

C41 - Utilities Statement Plan (PDF) [166KB]

C42 - Utilities Statement (PDF) [7MB]

C43 - Addresses of Expected Local Attendees (PDF) [204KB]

D - Consultee Responses 

D1 - Broughton Parish Council 1 (PDF) [99KB]

D2 - Broughton Parish Council 1a (PDF) [192KB]

D3 - Broughton Parish Council 2 (PDF) [273KB]

D4 - Broughton Parish Council 2a (PDF) [382KB]

D5 - Broughton Parish Council 2b (PDF) [683KB]

D6 - Broughton Parish Council 3 (PDF) [56KB]

D7 - Waste Management 1 (PDF) [549KB]

D8 - Waste Management 2 (PDF) [127KB]

D9 - CPRE (PDF) [165KB]  

D10 - Environmental Health 1 (PDF) [58KB]

D11 - Environmental Health 2 (PDF) [32KB]

D12 - Friends of Guild Wheel 1 (PDF) [54KB]

D13 - Friends of Guild Wheel 2 (PDF) [56KB]

D14 - Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (PDF) [222KB]

D15 - Growth Lancashire 1 (PDF) [299KB]

D16 - Highways England 1 (PDF) [327KB]

D17 - Highways England 2 (PDF) [181KB]

D18 - Highways England 3 (PDF) [140KB]

D19 - Highways England 4 (PDF) [56KB]

D20 - Highways England 5 (PDF) [132KB]

D21 - Historic England (PDF) [42KB]

D22 - LCC Highways 1 (PDF) [84KB]

D23 - LCC Highways 2 (PDF) [89KB]

D24 - LCC Highways 3 (PDF) [420KB]

D25 - LCC Highways 4 (PDF) [92KB]

D26 - LCC Highways 5 (PDF) [193KB]

D27 - LLFA 1 (PDF) [174KB]

D28 - LLFA 2 (PDF) [507KB]

D29 - United Utilities (PDF) [455KB]

E - Committee Report and minutes

E1 - Planning Committee Report - 3 February 2022 (PDF) [2MB]

E2 - Planning Committee Late Changes - 3 February 2022 (PDF) [90KB]

E3 - Planning Committee Printed minutes - 3 February 2022 (PDF) [139KB]

E4 - Planning Committee Report - 8 July 2021 (PDF) [2MB]

E5 - Planning Committee Late Changes - 8 July 2021 (PDF) [156KB]

E6 - Planning Committee Printed minutes - 8 July 2021 (PDF) [144KB]

F - Call-in documents

F1 - Inspector's Pre Conference Note (PDF) [103KB]

F2 - Case Management Conference (CMC) joining instructions (PDF) [278KB]

F3 - Case Management Conference Agenda (PDF) [54KB]

F4 - Case Management Conference post conference note (PDF) [128KB]

G - Relevant Case Law

G1 - The setting of Heritage Assets (PDF) [312KB]

G2 - Regina (Palmer) v Herefordshire Council (2017) (PDF) [87KB]

G3 - East Northamptonshire District Council v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (2015) (PDF) [107KB]

G4 - Bramshill House Decision  (PDF) [1MB]

G5 - Catesby Estates and SSCLG v Steer Judgment (18 July 2018) (PDF) [98KB]

G6 - South Lakeland District Council v SSE and another respondents House of Lords (30 January 1992) (PDF) [38KB]

G7 - City and Country Bramshill Ltd v Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government (2021) (PDF) [183KB]

H - Applicants Proof of Evidence

H1 - APC Proof of Evidence (PDF) [1MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 1 (PDF) [5MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 2 (PDF) [6MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 3 (PDF) [2MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 4 (PDF) [8MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 5 (PDF) [7MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 6 (PDF) [3MB]

H2 - Appendices to APC Proof of Evidence - part 7 (PDF) [6MB]

H3 - Summary Transport Proof of Evidence (PDF) [753KB]

H4 - Transport Proof of Evidence (PDF) [2MB]

H5 - D'Urton Lane Mosque - Design Assessment (PDF) [149KB]

H6 - Heritage Summary Proof (PDF) [38KB]

H7 - Heritage Proof of Evidence Mel_Morris (PDF) [1MB]

H8 - Appendix 1 - HS MMC (PDF) [8MB]

H9 - Report to the Secretary of State for Transport (PDF) [671KB]

H10 - Summary Landscape Proof of Evidence (PDF) [62KB]

H11 - Landscape Proof of Evidence (PDF) [269KB]

H12 - Appendix Report to Proof of Evidence on Landscape and Visual Matters and LVA (PDF) [7MB]

H12A - Brick Veil Landscape Proposals-Lscp Masterplan (PDF) [7MB]

H13 - Brick Veil Mosque - LVA (PDF) [667KB]

I - LPA's Proof of Evidence

I1 - Summary Proof of Evidence (PDF) [113KB]

I2 - Proof of Evidence (PDF) [246KB]

J - BPC's Proof of Evidence 

J1 - Final Planning Proof of Evidence Summary (PDF) [171KB]

J2 - Final Planning Proof of Evidence (PDF) [4MB]

J3 - BNDP Executive Summary (PDF) [152KB]

J4 - BNDP Proof Draft 5 (PDF) [1MB]

J5 - Heritage Report (PDF) [644KB]

J6 - Broughton Appendix 1 (PDF) [95KB]

J7 - Broughton Appendix 2 - Viewpoints (PDF) [823KB]

J8 - Broughton PC - SOC - Review of Transport Documents Presented in Support of Application Summary (PDF) [322KB]

J9 - Ian Submission Traffic (PDF) [513KB]

J10 - Rule 6 Party - Comments on Statement of Common Ground (PDF) [183KB]

J11 - Appendix A - Draft Conditions (PDF) [188KB]

J12 - Appendix B - 106 Final (PDF) [268KB]

J13 - Rule 6 Party Itinerary (PDF) [73KB]

K - Applicant's Rebuttal Proofs

K1 - APC Rebuttal (PDF) [2MB]

K2 - Heritage Rebuttal (PDF) [232KB]

K3 - Heritage Rebuttal Appendix Title Page (PDF) [101KB]

K4 - Heritage Rebuttal Appendix (PDF) [4MB]

ID - Documents submitted during the inquiry

ID1 - Rule 6 Party response to rebuttal proof of Melanie Morris (PDF) [147KB]

ID2 - Applicant's opening statement (PDF) [129KB]

ID3 - City Council opening statement (PDF) [154KB]

ID4 - Broughton Parish Council (Rule 6 Party) opening statement (PDF) [181KB]

ID5 - Secretary of State decision - Edith Summerskill House (PDF) [1MB]

ID6 - Transcript of objection from an Interested Party (PDF) [107KB]

ID7 - Questions for Councillor Hastings from an Interested Party (PDF) [64KB]

ID8 - Local Heritage list for the rural areas of Preston

ID9 - Further Rebuttal 02 August 2022 - Mel Morris (PDF) [115KB]

ID9a - Re HER search - Broughton in Amounderness (PDF) [72KB]

ID10 - Revised Summary from Broughton Parish Council (PDF) [63KB]

ID11 - LTN 1-20 Extract (PDF) [653KB]

ID12 - Email relating to the proposed Church Lane conservation area (PDF) [70KB]

ID13 - Joint Lancashire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Core Strategy DPD (PDF) [1MB]

ID14 - Joint Lancashire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Core Strategy DPD Part 2 (PDF) [3MB]

ID15 - Lancashire Minerals and Waste Key Diagram (PDF) [1MB]

ID16 - Landscape Enhancement and Mitigation Scheme 5 of 5, 1 to 500 at A0NR5 bypass (PDF) [2MB]

ID17 - Extracts from National Design Guide (PDF) [488KB]

ID18 - Examiners Report into the Broughton Neighbourhood Development Plan (PDF) [239KB]

ID19 - awaiting document

ID20 - Email relating to the Broughton bypass compound (PDF) [259KB]

ID21 - Court of Appeal Decision - Cherkley Court (PDF) [1MB]

ID22 - Appeal Decision - Land off Whittingham Lane Goosnargh (PDF) [222KB]

ID23 - Clarification from Melanie Morris  (PDF) [61KB]

ID24 - Revised proposed wording for condition no.6 (PDF) [32KB]

ID25a - Housing Land Position Paper - March 2021 (PDF) [973KB]

ID25b - Durton Lane Housing PC Comments 2021 (PDF) [174KB]

ID25c -  Church Hill Farm Site Layout (PDF) [6MB]

ID26a - Residential Properties 2009 from A6 (PDF) [338KB]

ID26b - Residential Properties Close Up 2009 from A6 (PDF) [305KB]

ID26c - Vacant Residential North West View (PDF) [226KB]

ID26d - Vacant Residential South West View (PDF) [243KB]

ID26e - Extract from Bypass ES (PDF) [359KB]

ID27 - DUrton Lane CIL Compliance Statement (PDF) [156KB]

ID28 - awaiting document

ID29 - Rule 6 Party closing submission (PDF) [284KB]

ID30 - City Council closing submissions (PDF) [244KB]

ID31 - Applicant's closing submissions (PDF) [573KB]

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