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Additional Restrictions Grant guidance notes for completing the application form


Additional Restrictions Grant for businesses unable to apply to the LRSG (Closed) or LRSG (Open) grants or without a rateable value who are closed/severely impacted by the Tier3/National Lockdown restrictions -guidance notes for completing the application form

Eligibility questions

Were you trading on 16 October 2020? (if your business was temporarily closed that day due to e.g. holiday please put 'yes')

You need to have been trading on the 16 October 2020 to be eligible for this grant.

Do you have fixed business-related costs

You need to be able to evidence fixed costs for your business to be eligible.

Has your business closed or suffered severe impact from the introduction of Tier 3 or National Lockdown restrictions?

If open this is additional impact to the general national coronavirus restrictions e.g. social distancing.  The impact of these general restrictions does not make your business eligible.

Do you qualify for the Self Employment Income Support Scheme or Universal Credit?

If you qualify for either scheme you will still be eligible for this grant, but we will take this into consideration.

Do you have another source of employment income or own another business that is still trading and not closed or severely impacted by the additional restrictions?

Yes and No - if yes you will not be eligible for this grant.

Is your business or charity in administration, insolvent or been issued with a striking off notice?

Yes and No - if yes you will not be eligible for this grant.

Applicant details

Name of applicant

Please put your name as it appears on your passport or driving licence or if applicable as it appears on your business rates bill.

Date of Birth

Please provide the D.O.B. of the person completing the application.


In what capacity are you completing this form ie:

  • Sole Trader
  • Partner
  • Director
  • Other (free text)

Business details

Name of Business

Please put your business name as it appears on any registration documents, licences etc. If you are registered with Companies House, please put your business name as registered.

Business address

Please put your address within the Preston City Council district, rather than a head office address.

Business email address

Wherever possible we need a business email address in Preston City Council district.

Please describe the nature of your business

Free text to describe the nature of your business e.g. supplier of milk to the hospitality trade.

Please tell us which sector your business is in

There is a drop down list of SIC codes (Standard Industry Codes) that the Government requires for monitoring:

  • A: Agriculture
  • B: Mining and Quarrying
  • C. Manufacturing
  • D: Energy
  • E: Water Supply
  • F: Construction
  • G: Wholesale and Retail
  • H: Transport and Storage
  • I: Hotels and Catering
  • J: IT
  • K: Finance and Insurance
  • L: Real Estate
  • M: Professional, scientific & technical
  • N: Admin. Services
  • O-Q: Public Services
  • R: Recreation and Culture
  • STU: Other Services

Company Number

If you are registered with Companies House, providing this number will help us verify your application more quickly and speed up payment of the grant.

Have you applied for a Discretionary Grant previously?

Yes (please state which one)/No - This may help us with additional information if required.

What is the size of your business?

The Government requires the size of your business to be reported in certain categories based on number of employees for monitoring:

  • Micro 0-9 employees
  • Small 10-49
  • Medium 50-249
  • Large - more than 250

Please tell us the average number of people employed by your business

This is the Companies Act 2006 definition.

You find for each month from 1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020 the number of people employed under contracts of service (this does not have to be whole months).

You then add together the monthly totals and divide by 12 to get the monthly average.

We also need this information separately to process the grant to assess payment. Thank you

Please upload proof of the number of people employed (if under 10 proof not required)

For some companies this will be payroll or personnel records. For sole traders or smaller companies it will be what evidence you have of the number of people employed in the last financial year.

If you employ an average of 10 people or fewer then you are not required to submit proof beyond your tax return or accounts.

Fixed Business Costs

Tell us how much the ongoing fixed costs to maintain your business are costing per annum?

Please provide a total that covers:

  • rent
  • business mortgage
  • insurance
  • utilities
  • phone contact
  • ongoing maintenance
  • contracts
  • franchise pavements
  • vehicle costs
  • professional body memberships
  • subscription licences, especially ICT software
  • loan repayments

Please note : domestic payments (e.g. mortgage, utilities, insurance, phone charges) where the home-based business pays a share of a domestic bill will not be allowed.

Are you still paying all of these costs during lockdown?

Yes or no

Please upload evidence of fixed business costs

Please upload documents such as:

  • Signed copy of your lease agreement
  • Signed licence agreement
  • Signed rental agreement
  • Signed mortgage agreement
  • Most recent annual mortgage statement
  • Recent utilities bill
  • Business or buildings insurance schedule
  • Maintenance contracts or schedules

Please feel free to redact (blank out) any information that we do not require.

Please make sure that the images are either PDF .jpg or .bmp images.

Loss of Income

Please tell us what your most recent turnover was

This is the Companies Act 2006 definition.

This is the amount derived from the provision of goods and services after the deduction of:

  • (a) trade discounts
  • (b)Value Added Tax
  • (c) any other taxes based on the amounts so derived

Please tell us what your most recent balance sheet was

This is the Companies Act 2006 definition.

This is the aggregate (combined total) of the amounts shown as assets on the company's balance sheet.

If you do not have a balance sheet it is likely that you qualify using the Employee and Turnover qualifications (please see the eligibility guidance).

Loss of income/scale of impact:  How much have you lost?

Evidence, for example bank statements, recent account or income, expenditure records   - for example do you have bank statements showing income August and September to compare with bank statements for October and November to show a loss or reduction.

Do you have sales figures from set up to now to show any reduction ie do you have customer, sales, supplier invoices.

Please upload your last completed set of accounts or tax return if you do not have a set of accounts


Scale of Impact

How has your business been affected by the additional restrictions imposed by the move into Tier 3 (17 October), National Lockdown (5 November)?

  • Closed - from what date?
  • Open but severely impacted - from what date?

NB. If closed from the 5 November and you have a rateable value you will need to apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed).

Please describe the severe impact of the additional restrictions due to the move into Tier3/National Lockdown on your business

Please note : this is an additional impact to the general national coronavirus restrictions e.g. social distancing. The impact of these general restrictions does not make your business eligible.

This is a free text box, so please describe what the effects of the additional restrictions have been on your business.

Please upload what proof you have of the severe impact on your business of the additional restrictions e.g sales figures from this year and last year


Bank details

Account type

  • Bank
  • Building Society

Please provide your, account name, account number, sort code, Building society roll or reference number (if known).

Please upload a copy of the most recent bank statement from the bank account that you use for your business, which clearly shows the name and address, sort code, account number and business transactions

Please ensure that it is a .jpg or .bmp file or PDF.

Providing an upload of your most recent bank statement ensures we can verify details and make payment quickly.

If you cannot provide this we will have to contact you for alternative methods of verification which will result in a delay in making payment to you.

Please obscure any customer or transactional data.

The Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud - and any business caught falsifying their records to gain additional grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be subject to claw back.

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