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Second hand market

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If you are selling second hand goods this is the market for you

Located under the Grade II listed Victorian canopy, we offer a selection of stalls sizes. All the accommodation is undercover but we can't guarantee full protection from the weather.

Market days and times

The market operates every Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year.

  • Casual stall holders are permitted to occupy their allocated stalls from 7am each day
  • Stalls booked in advance must be occupied by 8.30am at the very latest
  • Trading normally commences around 8.30am and continues until around 3.30pm

If you are unable to occupy the stall by this time or are delayed please contact the Market Office by phone on the day (01772 906048). Every effort will be made to retain your stall for that day.

Loading and Unloading

Please note cars and vans cannot be left on site. There are loading/unloading bays available on Earl street next to the Secondhand Market which can used to load/unload goods. Cars and vans must be moved immediately after and parked elsewhere.

Any vans or cars left on site may result in a parking fine.

What can I sell?

You can sell second hand goods, new goods or a mixture. The majority of traders specialise in selling second hand goods, used goods or collectable's.

The following are not permitted;

  • Food
  • weapons or knives 
  • products which in the market manager's opinion may cause offence or annoyance to members of the public 

How do I book?

Casual traders can simply turn up on the day and call into the Market Office located on Birley Street between 6am and 9am. We unfortunately can't guarantee you a stall

Reserve a stall in advance by either calling into the Market Office or phoning the Office on 01772 9060948. Casual bookings are taken on a week by week basis and the earliest you can book is from 12 noon on the Tuesday the previous week.

How much is the Second Hand market?

  • Tuesday - Casual fee £15 or permanent or regular fee is £12
  • Thursday - (Mixed market) Casual fee £13 or regular fee is £10.

How do I make Payment?

All payments for stalls whether made at the Office or over the phone must be by a Debit or Credit card. Please be aware that we do not refund stall fees if you subsequently do not attend irrespective of the reason.

Regular traders information

Regular Second hand Market traders are required under the County of Lancashire Act 1984 to register for a Second hand goods dealers licence. The licence costs £30.00 and is a one off payment.

Preston Markets define a second hand dealer as any person who trades on the market on four occasions in any three month period.

If you wish to occupy a stall or pitch on a regular basis you are required to provide confirmation that you hold Public Liability Insurance for a sum of £5,000,000.

Second hand market conditions of let

It is a condition of the Second hand Market that traders agree to comply in full with the following rules and regulations.

Sales of goods

The sale and display of food, drink, livestock, guns, crossbows, bayonets and knives (excluding cutlery) is not permitted. The Market Manager reserves the right to insist upon the removal of any other items that he considers to be offensive or may harm the reputation of the Market.

Counterfeit goods are not permitted to be sold on the Market. No trader shall sell or permit the sale of any items that contravene the following Acts:

  • Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988
  • Trade Descriptions Act 1968
  • Trademarks Act 1994
  • Video Recordings Act 1984 or any similar legislation

Trading times and removal of waste

The allocation by the Council of each stall is only a daily basis only. Trading is only permitted between 6.00 am until 4.30 pm, or at such other times as the Market Manager determines.

Each trader is responsible for the removal of all unsold goods or damaged goods and any other waste they generate whilst trading. Nothing whatsoever should be left at the site on departure.

Use of appliances

All electrical appliances offered for sale must be tested, in working order and comply with current British Safety Standards.

The sale or use of gas bottles on the market is prohibited.

The subletting of stalls or pitches is not permitted.

Traders responsibility

It is the Traders responsibility to ensure the correct erection of any stall used. The council will accept no liability for any subsequent damage to goods, equipment or vehicles brought onto the Market site.

No noise making devices such as Radio's, T.V.'s, and Music Players are to be used without the Market Managers permission. If the playing of such items becomes a nuisance permission will be revoked.

The council will not accept any liability or responsibility for any transaction on the market. Transactions are strictly between the trader and the buyer.

The trader is responsible for the actions of his employees and attendants. If an employee or attendant acts in any way which contravenes theses Conditions of Let, causes nuisance, annoyance or danger to other traders or the public or damages any property of the Council, the Market Manager may withdraw the right to stand the stall or pitch with immediate effect.

The Trader, his employees or attendants must not in the opinion of the council be prejudicial or detrimental to the council. 

Loading and unloading vehicles

Vehicles are only permitted to enter the Market site for loading purposes between 6am and 9am from the road side and from 3pm until 5.30 pm.

The area at the side of the Market on Earl Street is reserved for Disabled Badge Holders. Traders occupying unloading/loading spaces on  Earl Street must ensure their vehicles do not protrude into the Disabled bays.

Late or no shows Traders

All stalls or pitches must be occupied by 9am at the very latest. If your position is not occupied by this time the position may be re-let and any advance payments made will not be refunded.

If you are unlikely to arrive by this deadline, you should contact the Markets Office on 01772 906048 where arrangements will then be made to reserve your position.

If you have a regular or permanent stall or pitch on the Market and you are unable to attend for whatever reason you must advise the Market Office beforehand. If you fail to notify the office, the Market Manager reserves the right to terminate your right to stand with immediate effect.

Use of generators

Generators are not permitted to be used without the permission of the Market Manager. Due to the health and safety risks associated with Petrol generators, these must not be re-fuelled on or near the Market site. In addition an appropriate fire extinguisher must be available on the stall or pitch occupied. No fuel of any description is allowed to be stored on the market site. 

The Trader, his employees or attendants must not or permit to be done anything on the premises which may in the opinion of the council be prejudicial or detrimental to the council nor use or permit the premises or any part thereof to be used for any sale by auction or for any illegal or immoral purpose or for any noxious offensive or noisy trade or business.

Public Liability Insurance and Licence

In order to be registered for a "Regular or Permanent" stall, the trader must provide confirmation that they have Public Liability Insurance cover for a minimum sum of £5,000,000.

In order to be registered for a "Regular or Permanent" stall, the trader if selling second hand goods must register as a Second Hand Goods Dealer under the terms of the County of Lancashire Act 1984.

Fees and charges

The Market Manager reserves the right to charge for any additional space or equipment used.

All fees whether demanded or not must be paid to the Market Office. The failure or refusal to pay any fee will result in the immediate suspension from trading.

Map address for Preston Market Hall

Market Hall, Earl Street, Preston, PR1 2LA.

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